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 Miss C's Quiz for Girls

August 23rd, 2011

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Always look on the bright side of life!

Nov 11th

I am so late in finding this...but i think you are so good at providing encouragement and positive direction to all of us here on Bitstrips...with the help of the vibrant Vi-Ray of course.

Dec 21st

YAY for one more remix!

Dec 16th

STILL only me. Wow.

Sep 25th

i am going top remix tommorow

Sep 11th

Bravo! Thank you for this!

Sep 7th

I can't believe I'm still the only remixer!

Sep 4th

This is great! I think I'll remix this.

August 28th

This is a wonderful quiz. I love how you made the lined paper, too.

August 28th

One of the best remixes on Bitstrips.

August 28th


August 27th

I've got to agree with most of this, I've remixed the "Grils Quiz", but felt poor about it after, honestly. The example questions that you've put out as well, exaples, made me feel happier then having to answer questions about your physical beauty on the girls quiz. like, special talents I'd say is a more unique then "How Pretty Are You". I really am not trying to take sides or what so ever is going on. I just had to state my opinion in the strongest words i could.

August 26th

should i really remix this????

August 25th

Honestly, zebrawings, I'd be surprised if anyone did. Pleasantly surprised, mind you, but surprised none the less.

August 24th

no one has remixed yet..

August 24th

The goal for anyone, girls, boys, women, men or those in between, should be to gravitate towards that which makes THEM happy, not an outside influence. If your peers don't like the way you are, you need different peers. If girls like fluff and glitter and cute then that's what they should do. If they like books and knitting, then that's what they should do. If they like computer games and punk rock, etc., etc., then that's what they should do. Happiness is a worthy goal, and it starts without those who dictate how one should think, act or feel.

August 24th

Oh, and men don't care if you're overweight.

August 23rd

Much, much better! Girls do so much to sabotage their own happiness.

August 23rd

what a great idea! a very thoughtful reflection. I like it.

August 23rd

wow thats deep...

August 23rd

I am incredibly proud of you and how you inspire me and this community. I really appreciate that you took the time to address the deeper meaning behind these quizzes, uncovering the root at which it all really stems from anyway....the power of choice we have in appreciating our own unique expression of living! It is comforting to know that someone who is so admired, is revealing the secrets behind her superheroine prowess to the Grandchildren of Bitsville! Oh yes, and.... SPOON!

August 23rd


Good point, Vi. Women judge each other much more harshly and apply way more pressure on each other than men do. This is a mindset that needs to be changed, and the change begins with us!

August 23rd

You know I would cheer you on and agree with you 110% even without the Vi-Ray shout out. Girls, listen to Miss C. About half the population is trying to make you weak and helpless, but they can only do it if you let them. (Hint: not all of them are males!)

August 23rd

Awesome! Good for you. And about time, too! Hope others are inspired by this. I know I am ..

August 23rd

But , but. I like pink and glitter. Where's that question? I jest of course. Bravo.

August 23rd

I like Frida Kahlo! As an artist she inspires me for art, and I love your jewellery.

August 23rd

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