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'Gassy Bossie?'

July 11th, 2008

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Does this mean I have to give up eating chili?

Jul 22, '08

I hope you didn't think... I I would never eat you, Otterdisaster!

Jul 15, '08


I'd rather eat an otter than any "vat grown/cultured meats"! Please!

Jul 14, '08


Hey Pauly, I was raised in Kansas, and now reside in Colorado, another state with lots of cattle. Livestock aren't the most energy efficient means of feeding people, and cattle raised in feedlots do eat a fair amount of grain. As more nations modernize and industrialize the demand for meat will only grow, but I think technology is going to provide us with vat grown/cultured meats in the next decade or so that are safer, more efficient, and just as tasty...

Jul 12, '08

Ha, i have a house in kansas... they don't get fed GRAIN... unless you consider random wild fields of grass and weeds grain. my backyard is 5 miles deep and there are around 400 head of cattle. thats around around 300 cows, 80 calf and 20 bulls. by the way, cows are female cattle... in case you thought that all cattle were called cows. it's like calling all pigs sows. silly people. eat meat. humans are mammalian omnivores.

Jul 11, '08's what's for dinner. Ba Ba' Bom (sound effect).

Jul 11, '08

@Vi: Eating Beef is also about four times a SATISFYING as eating the grains they feed them, and it smells about four HUNDRED times better on the grill! (this is where bitstrips is lacking: my avatar needs a tongue. so just imagine that he's licking his lips, OK?)

Jul 11, '08


Yeh, actually, it WOULD be a good idea to get rid of the cows. Have you driven through Kansas lately? There are a LOT more of them than there used to be. Eating beef consumes four times more energy than eating the grains they feed to them, too.

Jul 11, '08

Somebody go strap a bag on B.! Love the series BAL

Jul 11, '08

Sorry B - you are next!

Jul 11, '08

Nice series!

Jul 11, '08

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