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'Lighten up!'

July 10th, 2008

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You had a pillow behind that desk right?..... right?.......anyone? ....... Beuler?

Jul 22, '08

That's the sanest thing I've heard on the subject, o.d.!

Jul 15, '08


Actually, 2014 is remarkably short sighted for lighting technology. In the next 6 years LED lighting tech will likely have matured, and market forces will have provided a more efficient, superior product to CFB's. And it will happen without the bludgeon of governmetn trying to force it. Compact flourescents will be remembered as the 8 Track of Lighting between vinyl and the CD!

Jul 12, '08

There oughta be a hefty tax on incandescent bulbs, so that if ya wanna waste energy, ya pay twice. And tax those darn CFLs, too, with an opportunity to get a refund if ya take it to a recycling center instead a just throwin it in the trash. And then tax the refund for the disposal fee!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Jul 10, '08


Nuts is requiring folks to use dangerous/toxic, made only in China items to light our houses (and they're expensive too). Consider the healthcare cost increase and toxic polution in the landfills, etc. How about raising the electric rates or generate more power(?) Govt. has a way of screwing up most things they try and "fix" - hence 30 years of energy regulation making us slaves to the middle east.

Jul 10, '08

OK, here's my issue..if the government tells us what light bulbs to use...this is a start, to me, of opening doors to let the government tell us how live our lives in the future. (I'm being extreme here..).can I have a choice?? Plus, can't we, the USA, make something ourselves? These CFL's are ONLY made in are we able to regulate that? Look at the dog food and lead paint issue...maybe it's just a "Baloney" view..I don't know...

Jul 10, '08

To take the CFL Light Bulb issue and imply that the Government should not make law regarding energy consuption in the United States is kind of nuts. CFL bulbs may be terrible, but to allow corporations to market anything they want with no regulation would be as stupid as... welll, letting the oil industry dictate our foreign policy!

Jul 10, '08

@dwf...hey thanks for doing your part...every little bit helps! Ha ha...I'm gonna load up on ALL the incandescent bulbs I can!!! Once they start telling me what bulbs to use...welll...they'll start telling me I can't listen to Conservative talk radio anymore..oh crap...they are trying to do that...

Jul 10, '08

"Well, market forces" won't do it, either, because individuals usually make selfish, short-sighted decisions on things like this. Governments are supposed to take the long view, but politics usually kills that. The answer? A benevolent dictator.

Jul 10, '08

I drove my Hummer to Home Despot to buy CFLs, but when I got them home, I realised I had more lamps than I thought, so I made another trip. Once I got all thos nasty incandescent bulbs out of my house, I drove them to a nearby fish hatchery. They looked pretty floating on the pond, but picking them off with my .22 was even better. And those CFLs are really going to save the planet, y'know? Well, at least I did my part!

Jul 10, '08


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