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if i was from distric 12......

April 23rd, 2012

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Stupid groners!

April 27th

March 16th

still a better love story than twilight

Jan 28th

So I made astrip called Peeta Is Real, but I can't find it on the search in Bitstrips.......

Dec 23rd

you spelled the f word rong

Dec 9th

i'm cry

Nov 4th

what is this

Oct 13th

--she's been hating also me, saying I'm and asshole, b%tch, dumbass, because I told her that she trolled on my comic (wich she did) and in this comic she told someone to ''stop trolling her'' so yeah. @missneku (BTW Suhi Loverz' foh' the win!)

Sep 9th

omg 34 groans yes by the way I love you Sakura

August 28th

pk's right i hate microwave pizza too, gimme sushi and THEN we can talk. Also your friend IS A HATER. shes been hating on me and pk for a while now and finally we did something about it and now were the bad guys? i think you need to check youre facts because i for one HATE fights but im not afraid to stand my ground

August 9th

1. I don't like microwavable pizza. 2. I like to sit/lay on my couch/sofa whatever the hell you wanna call it

July 3rd

sh#t just got REAL @Carlos Cespedes Sanchez

June 23rd

I find the fantsies of 5th graders funny, and by the way, your face becomes uglier (if thats possible) the more you rotate it.

May 30th

aaaawwww maaaaaaan, you ruined ittttttt for meee!!11!111! (Jk)

May 25th

But really, I mean, HE'S f@#kING FAKE! F to the A to the K to the E! FAKE, FAKE, FAKE, so get over that him and Katniss have sex, get married, and had kids...Peeta should have stayed dead in the second book...that would be funny.

May 25th

you people are so judgemental too. you dont know me. i refuse to make a big deal of something so small but when this mrspottner starts wailing and having a tantrum its WE MUST DEFEAT THE WRONG DOER! thanks for listening to my side of the story

May 25th

Good one, Saky!

May 25th

Oh Bikita, my dear, we should have some tea, no? We can make more poems!

May 25th

violets are blue roses are pink theres 17 teen groans and for the reason i think, swan are graceful magnolias pretty, if you werent so cruel id give pitty. water is clear but water will merk hey there! aint karma a jerk?

May 25th

aww and what if someone called you that TreenaPoopoo?

May 20th

alea im not a backstabber just that comment was funny

May 20th

man you guys are just rude.. What is the advantage of doing that?? hurting somebody's feelings... What if that was you! right Missnoob and dancing fail???

May 19th


May 18th

no its hust MissNeku

May 18th

@MissNeku and @dancestar, u guys are mean!

May 17th

i hate mean people on bitstrips they can just go f themselves

May 16th

ppl r so mean!!!! DANCESTAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U WERE MY DAMN FREIND!!!!!!!!!!!!! BACKSTABER!!!!!!!!!!!!1

May 12th

i REALLY wish i could favorite MissNeku`s comment

May 8th

roses are red, violets are blue, i groan this strip and you did too. honey is sweet, lemon is sour. i could watch more groans come in the next have hour

May 8th

lol! @chun chun

May 6th

for some reason I think I'm one of her ''archenemies''

May 5th

Lmao. Chun Chun.

May 5th

Chun's comment made me laugh so hard.

May 2nd


May 2nd

Uh-oh... No more Mrs.Lautener? Is it now Mrs.Hutcherson? I don't think Taylor will like that.

May 1st

Yeah, no

April 27th

who is groaning this strips its repety good and better then my arch enimeys thats for sure

April 25th

pls dont troll on my strips

April 23rd

You seem to like hunger games. Want to be in it? Click here! http://www.b

April 23rd

Now that Peeta's out of the way I can Take Katniss

April 23rd


April 23rd

April 23rd

stupid nose glitch..... a wtf ill live

April 23rd

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