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Yankee Stadium, April 18, 1923

October 23rd, 2008

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I really really like this, even though I'm a jays fan.

August 30th


April 6th


Feb 24th


Feb 24th

love it

Jan 21st

awesome design here! LKF

August 4th

love it!

August 3rd

He still needs to hit 713 more

July 13th

Awh, @SassyChika you know you don't have to comment with the same face and comment in every comic you see! And the link doesn't even exist!

Feb 22nd

that is a lot of pepole

Feb 7th

wow i looked at the many characters...

Nov 18th

Nicely done.

Nov 10th

Yeah, and I don't like people with BLUE hair either. You look like a blueberry.

Oct 28th

Well, did we ask for you're stupid opinion, so just GTFO.

Oct 27th

I hate baseball and I do not like Ginger

Oct 18th

nice stadium, i love baseball

July 12th

thats really cool

July 9th

i dont like baseball so yeah

April 15th

no need to get angry!

April 4th

That is a lot of characters

March 17th


March 16th

that must have taken a while.

March 13th

150th fav!

March 11th

me no like yankees me like blue jays

March 1st

thumbs up if you saw a guy with 3D Glasses!

Feb 25th

Feb 24th

i hate the yankees, but all my famliy loves them i'm a huge rockie fan!!!!!! but it's really good!!!!

Jan 21st

Dec 10th

Nov 25th

how is it funny sabrinarox

Nov 18th

i laughed so much i choaked but thats prob cus i was eating lol

Nov 6th


Nov 5th

boooo yankes! goo boston red socks!

Oct 25th


Oct 21st

thats googd how long did i take you to make this

Sep 26th


August 28th


August 26th


August 19th

August 19th

go blue jays

August 6th

July 15th

Thats Great....!

July 13th


July 8th

not the biggest fan of the yankees (mostlyof the D'backs) but i have to give this strip laughs, kudos and favs!

June 25th

I live In England so I don't care Aout Baseball!

June 1st

BABE RUTH YAY the OPS amazed me around 1300 thats alot but i don't think babe ruth was fat

May 26th

That is huge!

April 10th

as a die-hard atlanta braves fan, Im gonna have to try and ignore that this is the yankees, and focus more on this fantastic art and effort! Laugh, Kudos, and Favourite!

March 21st

oh my god so much cast

March 12th

lyme and cheeseboy just shut up... he probably had to work for a long time on this and he put alot of effort into it, therefore he deserves everyone being amazed at it and so you go get a hobby u troll. p.s. this is truly amazing!

Feb 12th

whoa! big cast much

Feb 5th

how did u do that omg

Jan 14th

get a hobby

Dec 26th

AWESOME! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 25th

this is awesome!

Dec 20th

this is weird homie g

Nov 6th

@skaterkid - I never thought to add that the Yankees did win the game against the Red Sox, 4 to 1! Thanks for asking!

Oct 28th


Graet replay of Babe Ruth's first homer!

Oct 16th

You just did this to put all your dudettes in a bitstrip... YOU SUCK

Oct 15th

yankees suck

Oct 10th

AMAZING who dosent love it if u hatte iy whats rong WITH YOU

Sep 20th

this strip is still amazing!

Sep 12th

Wow, this is truly amazing!

Sep 9th


August 31st

Nice job its awesome!

August 30th


July 3rd


June 20th

win! good job i just love

June 8th


May 30th

thats awesome how long did it take you to make this

May 28th

NICOLAS?! Is that you?

May 22nd

thats awesome!!!!!

May 22nd

That's a crap load of characters!

May 5th

Awsome! but wheres barry....?

April 30th

I divided it up and theres 138 CHARACTERS!!!!!!!!

April 25th

ok ur awesome best ive ever seen and ive seen over 200 people and suck cuz this is amazing

April 6th

can u put me in it? oh and i love it!!!! great detail!!!

March 17th

can u put me in 1?

Feb 13th


Jan 16th

this is the maost retarted thing i have ever seen on here and i have seen some pretty stupid comics

Jan 10th

I love this..great job with the stadium..

Jan 3rd

Dec 30th

omg! i LOVE this strip.its amazing look at all the people and the detail.this is just amazing.

Nov 29th

dude!!! c'mon thats AWESOME!!! next time put me in, I'm impressed about how many characters u put in that rocks!!!!

Oct 13th

OMG! I kudosed it! There is like a million cast members!

May 7th

woff (i wish I could kudo it 1,000,000,000,000,000,0 times!)

April 26th

wow OMG

April 10th

I was not in it...Can you put me in the next one?

Nov 28, '08

is that scene public?

Nov 17, '08

Absolutely amazing! What an awesome set up you have here!

Oct 25, '08


Incredible Jas, Fantastic

Oct 25, '08

That's right, JayLynn, it was the Red Sox,which I think proves that you were there. I don't understand why so many of you are denying being there, when this photo proves otherwise!

Oct 25, '08


Contrary to popular belief I was not at this 1923 game where Babe Ruth defeated his former team--The Red Sox--and hit the first ever home run EVER in that park...awww...I remember it like it was yesterday... ...but I wasn't there I tells ya!

Oct 25, '08

nice, i can see you spent some time on this

Oct 24, '08

Whoa! This must have taken ages! Excellent work, Jas!!

Oct 24, '08

What am I doing in 1923? My grandpa wasn't even born back then! Is a time- machine going to be invented in a few days? Great job nonetheless!

Oct 24, '08

Love the baseball!

Oct 24, '08

This is awsome!

Oct 24, '08

Paul, I'm embarrassed to say how many hours I spent making sure I included every active friend ! I don't know how I missed you ! But there is a sequel coming, and you will be in that ! If I missed anyone else, sing out !

Oct 24, '08


Even though you didn't put me, awesome tribute Jas!! :P It's gonna be so weird seeing them playing in a new stadium now... =/

Oct 24, '08

hahaha nice :D

Oct 24, '08

i've spent 10 mins looking for me and now i finally found me! Nice job, jas

Oct 24, '08

Love the diamond LKF!

Oct 24, '08

ah I remember it like it was yesterday. It was me and geo's first date, she ditched me for the peanut guy...

Oct 24, '08

Weird. jack w wasn't born until 1997. i smell a conspiracy! LKF

Oct 23, '08

Wow, what an awesome strip! The perspective of the ball coming out of the frame is beautiful!

Oct 23, '08


Oct 23, '08

What a way to say goodbye to classic. Nice tribute JAZ!!!

Oct 23, '08

Great job!! Favorited!!!

Oct 23, '08


Oct 23, '08

What little thing people don't know about that day was we were all really being robbed at gunpoint....

Oct 23, '08

WOOOOO Yankees RULE!!!!

Oct 23, '08

I'm in the nosebleed section! Thanks for including me in your strip.

Oct 23, '08

Touchdown! (I know very little about baseball)

Oct 23, '08

Is that me in there? Now I feel really old.

Oct 23, '08

thanks for including me! Fav'd it!

Oct 23, '08

I feel like a demon interloper in an otherwise happy picture!...(actually I see several other "demonic" looking gents!) Very cool!

Oct 23, '08

wow, such a Prestigious honor. I am so glad I was a part of it.

Oct 23, '08

The Sultan of Swat! Yeah thanks for including me!

Oct 23, '08

Wow! This is awesome! Excellent work, Jas!! Woot! Go Babe!!

Oct 23, '08

Opening Day, 1923 Season! First game in the brand-new Yankee Stadium, and who hits the first home run in the new stadium? Babe Ruth ! And 136 Bitstrippers were there to see it !

Oct 23, '08


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