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Best Friends

September 10th, 2011

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Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

July 28th

Mac and Bloo

July 25th

Foster's House for Imaginary Friends

July 25th

I've watched so many episodes, of this series!!

Oct 16th

so now i watch spongbob lol new show but i still love this show!

July 12th

but i'm sort of done watching it now because i have netflix and i watched the season one and two like 5 times each and thats all they had

July 12th

i love this show i watched an hour ago lol XD

July 12th


Jan 11th

Dec 14th

*Mac and *Bloo.

June 26th

i used to luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv that show

June 21st

MAC and blue but LKF anyways

June 21st

They're Max and Blue from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.

June 10th

Who are they and what show?

June 9th


May 21st


May 11th


Jan 28th

I know we're sad about this show's ending but it had to be done. People wants whats new and though we all say we'd still watch it we would eventually tune out. Also the voice actors voices might change making need for a replacement for the show to continue or a major plot twist to write them out.

Jan 26th

OHMIGOSH old show, awesome comic. and I know diva4today...

Jan 25th

I loved this show so much! I can't believe that they got rid of it.

Jan 21st

i use to watch this show

Jan 12th


Jan 1st

I used to LOVE Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends! Nice work,

Jan 1st

ur a huge troll beast101

Dec 24th

love the show!

Dec 6th


Dec 6th

Awsome show!

Dec 2nd

Awwn. My fave show.

Nov 26th

That is great art Pheonix!

Nov 26th


Nov 8th

why is his head so ok

Nov 7th

I remember that show.

Nov 6th

i used to love that show.

Nov 5th


Oct 27th


Oct 22nd

Its hot in TOPEKA!

Oct 20th

dont you have enything else

Oct 19th


Is my favourite show. OH! Did I say IS? I meant WAS... hehe.

Oct 17th


she meant to say Good, Pat.

Oct 15th

god job???? what does that mean, ojej24

Oct 15th

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.

Oct 13th

i loved that show God job!!!!!! :)>-< -happy person

Oct 13th

i love that show

Oct 11th

Its Blue ! I used to watch this when i was little ! : D <3

Oct 5th

awe....i wish i could do stuff like that...but i can LKF!

Oct 4th


Oct 2nd

amazing! i luved this show when i was lil

Oct 2nd


Oct 2nd

OMFG. I used to love this show.

Oct 1st

luv it and i luved the show when i was younger

Sep 26th

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.

Sep 25th

I use to watch that show

Sep 24th

what show is it

Sep 24th

I used to love that show. *sigh* good times!

Sep 23rd

Great job !

Sep 20th

I <3 that show! Brillient job. ;)

Sep 18th

they canceld that show!

Sep 17th

I was going to DO that!

Sep 16th

thats awesome

Sep 15th

haha! nice work!

Sep 14th

i luv this show

Sep 13th

im really ,mad that the show is off the air but great art work

Sep 13th

amazing AWESOMEEE!

Sep 13th


Sep 12th

I used to watch the show fosters home for imaginary friends.....

Sep 11th

@ikke1234, its bloo, not bleu...

Sep 11th

bleu and mack

Sep 11th

Blueee *--*

Sep 11th

see? flags go bye bye.

Sep 10th

LOL @ the jealous A hole below.

Sep 10th

Why would you Flag this?

Sep 10th

ha! i flaged it

Sep 10th

the flags will go away. I LOVE THS.

Sep 10th


Sep 10th

i used to love that show! great job by the way

Sep 10th

Commenting on a strip that has lots of flags that'll disappear in five minutes just because of the flags and not the comic itself 'makes me look epic'.

Sep 10th

remember that show.

Sep 10th

I loved that show!! LKF.

Sep 10th

its a flag. get overi t.

Sep 10th

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