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June 10th, 2008

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July 28th

buddy fav'd

July 14th

really good favourite!

March 30th


Nov 18th


June 2nd

that one is my fave!

June 1st

i don't get it but i give you credit it must have taken a lot of work to make it

May 17th

illest thing ever

April 13th


Nov 14th

nice! i love 'em

July 12th


June 3rd

April 30th

April 5th

March 15th

Completely fantastic. Until there is the Uzi Bazooka.

Jan 25th

UFFFF... Fantastic

Jan 11th

Dec 26, '08


Oct 19, '08


Aug 21, '08

Fav'd it kudos plus a laugh! Incredible!

Jul 16, '08

this, my friend, is beautiful, I shall enoy this often, as I have favourited it...

Jul 14, '08

!!!WOW!!! There are a lot of Iron Maiden fans on this site!!! What an awesome bunch!!!

Jun 28, '08

Do 'Killers'!

Jun 24, '08

Jumping Jehosophat! Great job!

Jun 19, '08


Very nice Very Nice Inspiring.... IT's late so I'm acting like a crackhead!

Jun 15, '08

l like this!!!!!!!!!!!

Jun 12, '08

Very Creative! NICE JOB!

Jun 12, '08

beastcomicz has been here

Jun 11, '08

Thanks everyone for the kind comments. The thing I love about Bitstrips is seeing it pushed to it's limits. I like to do strips (Otter Disaster) as well as experimental stuff, and Maiden Bitstrips is my experimental playground. I challenge myself to use the tools available to recreate to the best of my ability an existing piece of artwork. And it's a blast!

Jun 11, '08

30 laughs..1 lone groan! Ya just can't please everyone...!

Jun 10, '08

I agree with Kalisgirl. I enjoy both too! This is the internet. People do what the hell they want. And personally I love art. So bring it!

Jun 10, '08

I... WOW! (Sorry, I'm a bit speechless!)

Jun 10, '08

I personally enjoy the art and the funny. I love having both on this site. Comics are great, but I respect the hell out of Mad Image Fiddling! Fiddle away Otter!

Jun 10, '08


Jun 10, '08

Very nice indeed!

Jun 10, '08

Clever is clever. And this is clever.

Jun 10, '08

So now this site is all about graphic manipulation? Yes, nice for that...very nice...but too many comics lately are ONLY this (in my deranged opinion)...I thought this was about COMICS...not image-fiddling without a story...COMICS....MAKE COMICS...

Jun 10, '08


Jun 10, '08

Wowzers! Superb stuff.

Jun 10, '08

ah the power of bitstrips!

Jun 10, '08


Jun 10, '08


... some people collect bottlecaps... others construct model train sets... still others write poems or music. Mr. Disaster? You sir are what one might call a "Bitstripping fiend."

Jun 10, '08


Jun 10, '08


OK, yet another WOW! But you earned them all!

Jun 10, '08


Jun 10, '08

Very cool you did it again. 5 for 5!

Jun 10, '08


Jun 10, '08

Awesome Lion Face!!!

Jun 10, '08

Heck yes Otter! I love anything to do with Egyptology! Can't wait for Live After Death!

Jun 10, '08

Thanks guys. It was tough, and I had a few false starts, especially on the Anubis...Live After Death is Next!

Jun 10, '08

Oh my. This is... AWESOME! Fav'd

Jun 10, '08

!!!WOW!!! You worked really hard on this one!!! I want to give it a million laughs!!!!

Jun 10, '08

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