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March 15th, 2009

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Add a comment

Im a black belt! Advertise me!

Sep 19th

Id say im blue belt

May 8th

aqyll is white belt and so is mikumiku

Feb 5th

i only wanted directions to "ur" "anus"... get it? oh and im black belt.have been for years.

Dec 14th

i have green belt or blue or brown, but never the orange

Nov 2nd

2012 ive been on here since... black belt baby!

August 27th


May 15th


April 26th

Lado, I can tell you're bragging. Your comics don't look good at all.

March 26th

I'm around a blue-black.

March 23rd

i am soooooo black belt

Jan 24th

blue belt

Nov 29th

brown belt

Sep 15th

I'm in a black belt.

August 20th

i feel sorry for the alien

July 7th


May 19th

I honestly don't know what type of belt I have, I most likely have either a green or a blue.

April 3rd

i think im either brown or black

March 9th

upgraded to brown-point-five

Feb 10th

and the ultimate one is the chuck norris belt. you defeat 1000 chuck norrises

Jan 28th

blue and the final is gold after black is black & gold

Jan 28th


Nov 3rd

probs brown or blue. But its not what I think of my strips it's what other people do.

August 22nd

Brown belt... I help my aleins take over Earth.

May 19th

black or brown

May 19th

i'm problably black or brown belt

April 1st

Blue probaly

March 17th

Im a Blue belt so far

Jan 27th

i'm blue!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 23rd

Jan 1st

buddy show me black belt

Nov 5th

I am probably either brown or black! Hmmmmm....

June 4th

Which belt introduces humour? I'm not quite there...

March 4th

Just a ?, IS there really a black belt, cuz I saw some strips with the arms in positions that aren't in the expressions thing. Help?

Feb 1st


Jan 15th

I Know Im Black Just Check Out This http://bitst

Jan 15th

brown, perhaps black muahahahahahaha!

Dec 31st

i might be a blue or brown...

August 17th

why kick alien butts when you can mess with expression and eyes?

June 2nd

i went from white, to like brown in 4 mins.

Nov 16th

I'm a yellow.... I HATE YELLOW!!!

Nov 7th

I think I went from white to brown in like 10 minutes

Oct 23rd

I'd have to say I'm almost at brown...

Oct 3rd

I'm ashamed to admit I'm only a yellow or orange belt...

Sep 1st

im on brown

June 9th

This is so funneh I twitch! How do you so see threw guys tho?

April 18th

I have what it takes to be a master [and kick alian *beep*]

April 9th

I consider myself a brown belt.

March 27th

I'm a blue belt I think

March 23rd

March 22nd

this is a very clever idea!

March 18th

It is said, "when the student is ready the master will appear."

March 17th

Sensei , Then you ascend to the state of cartooning only in your mind

March 16th

I think I'll consider myself a blackbelt....

March 16th

HAHA! Funny Strip. I couldn't help laughing at uranus i still laugh at that, hehe anus!, did you know theres a town called mianus, think when you say how may poeple are there in mianus? HAHA LOL!

March 16th

Yikes! Ghost Buddy!

March 16th

I'm embarrassed to say blue took me AGES...

March 15th

OK..where do I sign up? I love blue. LOL.

March 15th

What a wonderful new device, neighbor! I can't wait to see how this is going to open up your imagination!

March 15th


I'll take you damn dirty aliens on... WITH MY DEPRESSING ARTWORK! *Bashaw!*

March 15th


March 15th

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