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Guess their games

August 25th, 2010

695 9 0 10 6

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f@#k ike get toon link

Jan 26th

You forgot Jigglypuff

Nov 19th

1.f-zero=captin falcon 2.metroid=zero suit samus 3.metal gear solid=snake in the box 4.legend of zelda=sheik fox=fox mccloud climbers=popo and nana 7.Fire emblem=ike 8.Kirby=Kirby 9.earthbound=ness and lucas 10.pikmin=olimar 11.t
he legend of zelda=link jr. 12.warioware=wario Is this Super Smash Bros. Stuff?

April 21st

Number eleven is from Olimar, Ew@n

Oct 26th

I know them ALL!

August 27th

#1:F-Zero #2:Metroid #3:Met
al Gear Solid #4:Legend of Zelda #5:Starfox #6:Ice Climbers #7:Fire Emblem #8:Kirby #9:Pokémon
#10:Eartbound #11:I have no idea #12:Windwaker #13:Wari
oware and Mario.

August 26th


August 26th

I REMEMBER! Ike is from Fire Emblem! HA!

August 25th

Captain Falcon is from F-Zero

August 25th

I don't know the specific games but, here we go. In order: Captain Falcon (I don't know the games, good start huh?), Metroid, Metal Gear Solid, Zelda, Starfox, Ice Climbers, I don't know what Ike is in, Kirby, Earthbound, Pikmin, Windwaker, and Wario, from Warioware and the Mario games!

August 25th

Somebosy is playing to much SSBB/SSBM!

August 25th

Oh, but there are more then one Zelda games.

August 25th

#2 Metroid, #3 MGS, #5 Starfox,#7 Kirby,#11 Zelda. thats all i know

August 25th

Yes but which games? Not SSBB, SSBM or SSB.

August 25th

It's Olimar!

August 25th

Did I win?

August 25th

I know I know! They ar from a game!

August 25th

Awesome work on the characters, I love how you made Ike. But everypne knows Wario kicks ass on Brawl.

August 25th

Actually, I just wanted to show off some of my brawl/melee characters. But you can guess if you wish.

August 25th

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