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Soulbound - Page 52 (The End)

June 21st, 2010

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No matter how many times I read this, I always come back to it. Wonderful series!

May 5th

Nov 28th

Bravo! It was sad, but great story, bravo!

June 9th

Sad, but Intersting @below

April 6th

Quite an interesting ending!

March 6th

I loved the story, but the ending was kinda anti-climactic, it could have been much better in my opinion. But other than that the story was perfect

March 1st

good story, very compelling.

Sep 14th

nice series

June 26th

my heart just broke. Great job on the series!

June 20th

Oh, I thought the hair cutting would be important!

April 27th

she sacrificed herself so no one else would get hurt.

April 14th

Happy ending but, uh, has anyone noticed that she FELL DOWN A WELL and DIED!?

April 3rd

great series, but i read it in 15 minutes

Jan 23rd

beautiful ending!

Dec 30th

That Was A wonderful series.

Dec 8th

That was truly an amazing series!

Nov 3rd

OH MY GOODNESS! what a GREAT way to end the series! seems a little unfinished though... maybe a sequel?

Nov 3rd

Kudos for this great series!

Oct 26th

Kudos for this great serioes!

Oct 26th

dead... but free...

Oct 23rd

now they are both free and happy

Sep 30th

At lease they are both free...

August 8th

i almost cried! but sad T_T

July 29th

its so sad !!!! '-'

June 19th

I can easily see there being a movie and book version of this! Great job!

June 15th


June 13th

Ardras... I wanted to have another adventure with her.

May 19th of... seat. Whole time. Wow. Amazing.

May 15th

omg love this! :D

April 12th

omg! love the ending!

April 8th

Best ending ever!

Feb 26th

oh my goodness. This series was amazing!!! i was on the edge of my seat the whole time!!! you certainly have talent!!!! great job! now if you'll excuse me, i have to go recover.....

Jan 12th

wow. 1000 views!

Dec 11th

love it best series in a while clever story line

Dec 10th

beuatiful serie. It was phenominal, exeptional anad beautiful. i loved it.

Dec 10th

you did a really good job, Tancid. BRAVO!

Dec 8th


Dec 8th

nice story! beautiful ending! ... AWSOME SERIES!

Dec 3rd


Sep 11th

You got me shaking! I loved this! Thank you for spending time to make it!

July 29th


July 26th

beautiful ending

July 13th


July 6th

now that shes a thing she should get the hammer and break her ring then the hammer

June 20th


June 19th

Bravo, Tancid! Great story!

May 29th

Clearly you don t appreciate the series Amber6566

May 17th

sooooooooooooooooo good!!!

April 24th

Wow that was great... Still sad its over...

April 12th

Wow, that was a quick ending.

April 7th

What a great ending..

March 11th

what i dont get is that Andras looks happy when she was a ghost...

Feb 19th

that was sooo unpredictable!!!! i feel so sad now!!!! mostly because you ended the series...

Feb 19th

great story! so sad whaa

Feb 19th

Wow. She killed herself. Never thought that would happen.

Feb 15th


Feb 15th


Feb 13th

this was tiuching!

Jan 29th

you should make another one where they visit the girls father!

Jan 27th

cool shes dead!

Jan 27th

I just read this entire series. it amazing! Girl Power!

Jan 9th

Very well done.

Jan 4th

Read in 15 minutes, loved it. No time to LKF all of them, though. So, I'll just give a LKF to this one. Im looking towards to another story like this.

Dec 28th

WOW! Very well done Tancid. The ending's beautiful. Both souls are free and the best part is that the Baron has lost his power. Worse than death or banishment. Hats off to Tancid for this great series.

Nov 28th

It is a SIN that I have never seen this series before. I'd try to say something... but.. but... just... just awesome.

Nov 20th

stop sniffing

Nov 13th


Nov 13th

Awesome, awesome story! Glad it popped up on the front page!

Nov 11th

This series is amazing! You should try to get this published as a graphic novel!

July 26th

Another mention about the fantastic artwork in the series. Among my favourites. The Mirror and the Barons bed. That was really nice. Also the magic effects. Really well done and they fit nicly into the whole style. I guess the only thing I missed a bit was ambient lightning. (at least I do that sort of stuff alot) But Kudos to you... I like it

June 27th

it is a sad ending, but I have enjoyed the series... Really well done, congratulations. I personally would have liked to see the Baron dead or banned, but this is good too. He will get what he deserves, for being corrupt and desiring power which are not meant to be had.

June 27th

wow like everyone else it definitly a ending i didnt excpect!!

June 27th

Didn't see this coming. Awesome ending, Tancid!

June 27th

Okay, I did NOT expect that! Great ending!

June 27th

*sniff* oh my god this is the BEST series ever!*snif*

June 22nd

*sniff* Favourite...*sniff* kudos....*sniff* and a happy ending...*sniff, sniff* so long Ardras and Lelia, may you now rest in peace...*sniff*

June 22nd

*sniff* why???

June 22nd


June 22nd

PLZPLZ dont end the sseries !!! its to good! *sniff*

June 21st

no its over *sniffle*

June 21st

So when is the sequel gonna start? The one where the ghosts kick Mhagdoks ass!

June 21st

....Completely.... epicly... FANTASTIC. Very well endingand I forgt to say this whole tm, I truly love the ghost effect, I just love this storyine SO very much. Laugh, kudos and favourite.

June 21st

what an epic ending!

June 21st

Brilliant series!

June 21st

I LOVED this series!!! Great ending to this...

June 21st

This epic story is coming to a end wow!

June 21st

Interesting ending. Great story Tancid.

June 21st

She did it! Fantastic series Tan...

June 21st

you must have worked very hard with this hole series! truly amazing!

June 21st

omg i think i'm crying what a happy ending

June 21st

GREAT SERIES! Very bittersweet ending.

June 21st

that was a great series!

June 21st

Oooh, as always I loved the series,, i was wonderfully written and pure eye candy all the way through!

June 21st

I really loved the whole series! It was exciting, lovely, unpredictable, funny and it looked just perfect!

June 21st

Tancid, this truly was a magnificent series. * Applauds*.

June 21st

Adras and Leila are like :P

June 21st

Whoa... I loved this series, all the way through.

June 21st

Wow! What a strong woman! And what a great story, Tancid! I never saw that ending coming.

June 21st

Awesome series! And a nice little twist at the end there, too!

June 21st

nice finale, but Mhagdok needs to get his. maybe in the sequel :)

June 21st

OMG , I truly got tingles

June 21st


June 21st

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