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February 14, 2008

February 14th, 2008

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guys @below, back then the word 'crap' wasn't marked as a swear word on bitstrips. but i don't know why it's marked as a cuss today...

June 12th

this is heavy mature/offencive content, he said crap! let's flag the sh#t out of this

May 25th

Buddy swore

May 25th

O mai he said CRAP!

May 25th

This should be auto flagged, it said CRAP!

May 3rd

Back when crap wasn't a "swear word" on bitstrips.

May 1st

see my strips

March 16th

here |>| ( envolope )

Sep 21st

ill give you a love letter..........

Sep 21st

i hate pink too >:-(

Sep 21st


Sep 21st

Back when crap wasn't flagged.

June 13th

I KNOW!!!!!!!!! Buddy is allowed to swear!!

May 18th

oh this is mest up. he gets to say Crap?!

March 7th


Jan 8th


Jan 1st

@groovy Crap isn't a bad word its what I say Justin Beiber is a load of when I look at him

Oct 3rd


August 9th


May 13th

@Everyone who is mad at him for saying crap: This is NOT a kid's site

May 11th

ha ha ha ha stupid buddy

April 22nd

The word crap isn't even a bad word... its not a polite word but its not swearing

Oct 31st

What happens if the kids schools don't even have it!

August 29th

you people are angry because he swears, but you should know that when this was ccreated, this site was a site for people 14+. Now all you need is an agreement from your parents. And if you wanna see a site for kids, try bitstrips for school. Seriously.

August 23rd

August 1st

August 1st

August 1st

CRAP! CRAP CRAP CRAP! you know you should not say this!!

August 1st

Me 2

July 4th

i hate pink 2

June 19th

No Valentines for Buddy?

June 18th

buddy im not gay but i will be your some budy

April 14th

you swear buddy

March 9th

You hate pink?! (jk)

Jan 26th

i talks! scrool down your screen!

Jan 13th

Jan 13th

Jan 13th

Jan 13th

Jan 13th

Jan 13th

Jan 13th

One more thing!!!!! Check out my comics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 7th

Okay this is getting out of hand. Someone post before I do!!!

Jan 7th

And fun. Really fun...

Jan 7th

This is just tempting, sorry...

Jan 7th

I don't know why I'm doing this. It's my 5th post...

Jan 7th

Sorry for posting so many times in a row. Takes up a lot of space...

Jan 7th

And no, I'm not a troll.

Jan 7th

But I'm not kidding. You should delete it. Little kids don't know what it means. I mean lots of kids/teens do bad stuff but you're Buddy. Thye little peeps look up to you...

Jan 7th

I'ts a school website and a kid website. You shouldn't say the C R word. I got so mad at my basketball coach when she said it and I was 10.

Jan 7th

ooooooooo you said crap

Jan 2nd

*in a tattletale voice* ur bad...u swore...i'm telling

Nov 6th

where buddy?> i don't see anything!

Nov 6th


Nov 6th

OOOoooooo you sweared

Nov 6th

Pour Buddy!

July 30th

Ok . . .

July 28th

i will give you a valinetine

June 6th


April 28th

i guess we all have our own opinians n the couler *looks at username* yeah.............

April 2nd

i hate pink to!

March 24th

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