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first broad cast

October 30th, 2011

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Add a comment

Haha, Bob tho

March 19th

@Evajusro Poopaya was a experiment setup by some people

Feb 1st

He ain't a troll, you are just being dumb @some guys below

Feb 1st

What trolls down there. Just disgraceful. Come to my comic htt p://www.bitstrips. com
/user/211065/re ad.php?comi
c_id=28 01706&subsecti
on=1. Jk

May 19th

if you dont have any thing nice to say dont say anything at all

April 22nd

stop trolling please

August 4th

your a troll?

June 19th

agree with tdude

June 2nd

piccolo was a troll

May 15th

troll ):

May 1st


March 31st

You do know he's populour te me he's better now stop saying trolololol and all these troll thingys

Feb 22nd


Feb 8th

@nick1117 your calling him a troll while YOU ARE POSTING ON HIS STRIPS? honestly, 90% of all birstripers are idiots.

Feb 3rd

and i lve piccolos comics so im not tellin u to back off im tellin u to think if u were in piccolos shoes i would call him a troll too but im thinkin differantly im not on no side piccolo dont do it and guyz plz dont hate

Jan 14th

oh its trolling i never knew im gonna be hated on oh no dont hate me plz if u do i will lideraly say sorry to everyone i wont do it any more sorry guyz

Jan 14th


Dec 30th

pepsilover has a good point. when i was new i remixed one of coollio's wasnt fun so stop.

Dec 20th


Dec 3rd

my point is, leave him alone and he will stop. Kthanks

Dec 3rd

Guys he stopped so leave him alone.I'm not writing this because I know him, I'm writing this because I had a bad start on bitstrips too. I'm not going to lie, I posted a link once to one of my first comics but I had no idea it was bad and neither did he.When your starting something new, you won't be a pro at it unless someone helps you with it. I did delete the comic but that doesn't mean he has to delete his. He appologized and said he would stop so stop hating on him. How would you didn't know any better and made a small mistake then everbody hated you? I can't immagine you would feel good.

Dec 3rd

stop spamming....

Dec 1st

f*&@ u piccolo25

Nov 25th

what did you say jeff? he's a troll? Who woulda thought!

Nov 24th

STOP putting links! Like, OMG!

Nov 21st

1 Word. LAIM

Nov 21st


Nov 20th

i looked at the fools comic in humor and it said you posted that comment 18 days ago so you didn't stop 2 months ago.

Nov 20th

Stop trolling!

Nov 20th

stop trolling

Nov 16th

all of you should stfu i stop posting links 2 mothes ago so seriously you dumb b!tches should shut the fking hell up

Nov 16th

ttttrrroollll ttttrrrolll *sings*

Nov 16th

I find it so funny how trolls troll on other trolls!

Nov 16th

how about you stop posting links and we leave you alone. deal?

Nov 15th

at nick117 shut the hell up calling me a troll your a bigger one i dont think trolling is good or bad cuz nyour just posting links but when you bullie ppl for trolling thats evem worst so shut up!

Nov 14th

sorry, just too funny that you trolled on a troll's comic...

Nov 13th

you stupid trollish noob.

Nov 12th

Please don't post links on my comics.

Nov 8th

sorry, puppycop's comment is so lame it made me laugh.

Nov 8th

I'm sorry, but if you want people, to stop, calling you a troll, delete this, or the comments on others comics. Thank You.

Nov 8th

seriously dont you know you are a troll!!! http://bitst

Nov 7th


Nov 6th

guys you dont have to be rude to him i know that he posted his link on a comic does not mean you have to call him stupid or troll he just wants people so dont be rude

Nov 6th

what is this

Nov 5th

ya manbuddy?! welcome to my ignore list, kiddo! this is called KINDERGARTEN BEHAVIOUR!

Nov 5th

i stoped trolling so shut up

Nov 4th

really puppycop???? REALLY???? act like a kindergartener.....but yea....posting links on other peoples comics is considered trolling.

Nov 3rd

Don't be like poopaya!

Nov 3rd


Nov 2nd


Nov 2nd

don't post a link of your comics on other people's comics, please. its called trolling and people won't like you for it.

Nov 2nd

Shut the hell up. This is stupid as hell and your mom sucks giant monkey balls.

Nov 2nd

your dick is stupid oh wait i forgot your a girl you dont have one

Oct 31st


Oct 31st

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