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March 10th, 2010

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Dec 25th

Someting is fishy!!!*

July 15th

awwww i hope he does not eat it because we could eat him!

June 3rd

really thats just last year dude!!

April 20th

finny dude

August 16th

Who knew so much fun could be put into one picture? I like how you used circles to make the cute worm!

August 10th

Ha Ha Ha!

July 24th

July 2nd

HA HAAA Great job!

April 10th

very funny! a fish

March 19th

hang in there bud!!!!

March 12th

don,t get it bud!

March 12th

Poor fish hes gonna get hooked and eaten or somethinga

March 12th

ah hahahah

Jan 9th

This was made with the old builder, before we could show the Head only.. so we had to hide the body behind thnigs or try and make them blend in.

Sep 4th


Sep 4th

dont get oiirtttttttt

May 4th


good job!

May 4th

FISHES! Awesome job!

May 2nd

not bad

April 24th


April 15th

this is funny check out mine they are just as funny

Feb 16th

I love how there is a fry in the background.... the comic is funny too : )

Feb 11th


Feb 7th

fish fish fish

Nov 9th

i love it its osome

Oct 21st

awesome fish,awesome background, and awesome WORK!

July 18th

June 25th

LOL heheh

June 5th

May 9th

that is funny

April 30th

con you make beta fish(also called semese figting fish)?

March 24th

@laith1 shut up, loser. you've posted that everywhere. that just shows that your comic is so bad that you desperatley plead for views from the sucsess of others... jeez... a**

March 20th

check out my comic

March 1st

Feb 19th

HAHA love it

Dec 30th

my sis said that this is sarcie but it isint hahaha she is sarced of fish (my big sis)

Dec 23rd


Dec 22nd

love this one!

Nov 6th

Check out my strip called Darkrai`s uninvited killings. it is a dark horror thing

Nov 6th

@ ellie100 Your sorta being rude..

Oct 18th

hmmm very good

Oct 7th

you make it so good

Oct 1st

O_O the fishes are so fantastic looking ! must b hard to make XD love it <3 keep it up

Sep 28th

nice but you will lol at my strip called dummy the dumbo epasode one or 2

Sep 19th


Sep 13th

its ok...

August 26th

Love the fish! Lol

August 8th

thats funny

July 31st

OMG !!! <3

July 28th


July 21st

i acutully really like it lol lets go fish lets go fish

July 20th

ya same i love the fish and how do you get the background and the hook can you tell me all that too ?????????????????????? love the comic

July 20th

i love can you please email me how to make your awesome fish

July 7th

Talk to the perch. He'll show you how to remove the worm without getting caught on the hook.

July 3rd


June 25th


June 25th

harsh... i love it so take in their thoughts but keep doing what you are doing, it's awesome!!!

June 23rd

how do you do that?

June 23rd


June 18th


June 16th

lame name and lame strip

June 12th

sorry but lame! really LAME

June 6th

I Can see the worm screaming "NO!! DON"T DO IT!!" HE'LL KILL YOU!!"

June 5th

ha ha ha love it

May 31st

Obviously it wasnt lame b cuz it made me laugh and i hate comics they really never make me laugh so this comic is pretty good

May 27th


May 24th


May 21st

no offense,but that was kind of lame...

May 19th


May 18th

sorry don't get it but cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 12th

i lke how you used fish insted of people good job

May 10th

So cool!

May 8th

that would be stupid but that was good

April 26th

Fishy is gonna die!!! Nooooo!!! Wait....... why does the fish have a beard?

April 26th

Stupid pink fish, daring him a very dangerous dare for fish!!

April 25th

dont give in to pieer pressure...lil asian...<3...

April 18th

uh oh.........................

April 18th

........... poor fish... its gonna die!!

April 16th

its not that funny

April 13th

thats cool.

April 12th

search gamer1999

April 7th

FISHY FISHY FISHY FISHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 5th

how did you get the fish? love it!

March 30th

Search: Bob And Skippy! P.S. Awesome comic!

March 30th

weird but funny!

March 28th


March 27th

hilarious !!! no seriously this awsome

March 27th

nothing is very funny about this.

March 26th

hey dont pressure him. that is how most people die of suicide.

March 21st


March 21st

Kid this rocks! make more! I liked the fraidy-cat-fish part!

March 20th

this rocks lol

March 19th

March 16th


March 11th

I love the look of your strips.

March 11th


March 11th

LKF!!!This is halarious!!

March 11th

Fantastic usual! LKF

March 11th

Poor fishy!

March 10th

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