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September 21st, 2010

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lol soooo funny! laugh laugh laugh click click click!!!

March 10th

He deserves a, PUN-ishment (BADUM-TSSHHH)

Feb 5th

Ain't that PUN-ny. :D

Nov 1st

That was awesome! XD

Oct 13th

He DID get a taste of his own medicine.

Sep 12th

what that weird kid "ninja" wow

June 17th

do u know what i'm saying?

May 19th

medicene isn't bad

May 19th


May 18th

Good Trip

April 21st

omg... best. pun. ever.

March 23rd

i just dont like it medicine as a weired tastle

March 2nd

LOL need to try this one!

Jan 19th

ba dum tss

Dec 19th

lol super funny

Dec 5th

I gotta try that...

Oct 22nd

doc got down lol so cool i love it and its my farrvit so fr

March 17th

lol so fanny

March 17th

Is it supposed to say pwned, not pun'd? Anyway, the comic was hilarious!

March 7th

5 days and still laughing

March 4th

left me laughing for one minute

Feb 27th


Feb 12th

it makes sense and its funny those words almost never combine :P

Sep 9th

omg that is hilarious

August 15th

this deserves the ammount of views it got!

April 28th


April 24th


March 9th

the guy got some skill

Feb 23rd

I'm going to try doing that to my doctor when he's giving me a needle!>:D

Jan 29th

2.3K veiws...

Jan 29th

WOO HOO! AND STAY DOWN, DOC!!! I like the kide is awesome!!! but, you gotta give the old guy: (doc) some credit, he was kicked in the face!!! just kidding! who pays any attention to old people!!! rofl!

Jan 25th

love the camera work in panel 4

Jan 21st


Jan 10th


Dec 6th


Dec 3rd

that is so funny make more more there awsome a taste of your own medicene is the greatest aka funnyiest line in all comics i read so far it got from me favorite laugh and kudos

Nov 28th

its cool but its spelt pwned!

Nov 21st


Nov 20th

Looks like he got... *puts on shades* A taste of his one medicine... YEAAAAAAAAAAAHH

Nov 19th

nice, awesome comic

Nov 18th

wow he is realy seiris anutmedici

Nov 16th

i love it so much im going to go all kong fu on you!

Nov 16th

haha pun'd without the pun!

Nov 10th


Nov 6th


Oct 23rd


Oct 18th

To all of us with bad medicine!!!!!!

Oct 16th


Oct 13th


Oct 10th


Oct 3rd


Sep 27th


Sep 26th

Whenever I see this comic I LMAO! Awesome job, LKF!

Sep 26th


Sep 25th

*faves 1000 times*

Sep 23rd

Congrats on the FP, this deserves it!

Sep 22nd

I don't think there are words for how hilarious this is. I literally LOL'd.

Sep 22nd

Sep 22nd

Why can't I do that?

Sep 22nd


Sep 21st


Sep 21st

u said it right...

Sep 21st


Sep 21st


Sep 21st

it was awesome!! LOL!!

Sep 21st

don't be ridiculus. that was awesome. especially the Special effects.

Sep 21st

LOl! Thats hilarious!

Sep 21st

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