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December 19th, 2010

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hey Everyone please click me and see my comics please have a comment my comics!!

July 4th

a bit confused. are they waiting for santa?

Jan 16th


Nov 30th


April 4th

tee hee

March 9th

exellent scenery :D

March 7th

Ooh! This is wonderful!!

Dec 21st

comic made 3 yrs ago today

Dec 19th

key word........secret

Nov 27th


May 2nd


April 12th


April 12th

kewl place you made!

March 12th

cool r they gonna wait all night?

Feb 20th

..."Father Christmas," all that stuff.

Dec 27th

@below They are waiting for "Santa."

Dec 27th

what is she waiting for

Dec 8th

you just squished funny, chewed it up and spit it out

Nov 23rd

? What? Urm. Haa haa ha.. -.-'

Sep 6th

YOU! Take that '':derpface:'' back where it belongs, dude. This is bitstrips!

August 14th

Like it's not even Christmas yet, why am I looking at this? :Derpface:

August 12th


August 11th

They are on the naughty list.. FOREVER!!!

August 9th


July 22nd


July 22nd

please check out my new comic "Dr.sheldon"

July 18th

they wont get presents because santa dosnt come wen people are awake

July 15th

the girls in there are smiling......i hate it

July 14th

A bit late on the times.

July 3rd

cool... i guess

June 20th

Cute girls!

May 7th


April 15th

everyone commenting that it is boring is a toll! i think it is great you just shouldnt post dumb things if you think its boring dont say anything and just skip it and go read something else!

March 24th

MAD HAM is right

Feb 22nd

this is so pretty and cute good job

Jan 29th

A watched pot never boils..

Jan 9th

hes not coming, if you wait for him. dont you know? he has like, stalker radars r sumthin.

Dec 6th

meary x mas

Dec 1st

I like the dragon!

Nov 19th

that is so cool

Nov 1st


LKF, that is really good!

Oct 28th

haha thats funny!! :P

Oct 12th

never gunna hapen

Sep 25th


Sep 23rd


Sep 19th


Sep 12th

thats so cool how did u do the lighting please add me as a friend

August 26th

LKF.... this comic is awesome..... add me as a friend!

August 25th

I love Crismas but its the summer

August 19th


August 17th

i wold like to wait in there for my daddy to come home from work

August 7th

wow, how did u do it...?

August 6th

ooh .... :)

July 16th

cool lighting!!!

June 30th

awesome! lkf!

June 27th

omg i like it

June 18th


June 5th


June 5th

cool light effect

May 23rd

you don't know how to do that

May 19th

How did you do this awesome effect with light and shadows?

May 13th

cool! but how do you make the light shine on them?

May 11th

@Bailey Hammond, it's christmas eve and they're waiting for christmas idiot look whos talking

May 8th

how do u people not get it they r waiting for santa duh......!

May 5th

ok what is the meaning of this??

May 4th

aww that's awesome!

April 25th

CUTE nice your really good at this!!!!

April 23rd

Good art work but you could'v done better.....

April 23rd

had great design but I didn't get sorry

April 15th

ummmmm is it finished

April 15th

that was not the best best but it was ok

April 7th

this is soo cute and adorable!!! check my strips!

April 7th


April 1st


March 26th

lol thats it? well it does make sense ok!

March 25th

@ Jessika8841- Santa fills the stockings not the tree.

March 21st

Um the presents are already there

March 21st

Whats happenin forum!

March 21st

r they waitin for santa

March 14th

i agree with u athena. chris1121 u need to go to school and thomasilly cool comiic.. lk

March 14th

u shouldnt say that being a lesbian is wrong! IM NOT A LESBIAN BUT BEING A LESBIAN IS JUST A DIFFERENT WAY TO LIVE!

March 14th


March 14th

i think they are supposedly waiting for santa. and that person below who said i dont get it...are stupid :P lol and no they are not suppose to makeout there girls. Lesbiansa re wrong!

March 12th

i just really don't get it!?

March 11th

Wow this person made this look so... briliant.

March 10th

@malicats:i think they are just jealous of what a beautiful and breath taking art this is and how mny people like it.They are just plain mean and ignoant!

March 5th


March 5th

Why are there SO MANY ignorant trolls on this comic?

Feb 22nd

santa is fake...

Feb 21st

That's so beautiful! I can see how you captured the mystical essence of... well... EVERYTHING! This is quite brilliant and incredible.

Feb 21st

I'm putting everyone who made an ignorant comment on "ignore" status.

Feb 20th

lol look at all the trolls under me

Feb 20th

is this a comic or a scene

Feb 19th

that is sweet

Feb 16th

Awww! Waiting for Christmas! The innocence! The tree and shading rock!

Feb 11th

it look s so real

Feb 6th


Feb 5th

awsome! there waiting for santa

Feb 1st

Aww are they waiting for santa?? :) lol good job it looks really cool!!!

Jan 31st

that is really good

Jan 31st

or nononono they are waiting for he who should no be named

Jan 30th

i think their waiting for santa badmas1

Jan 30th

what are they watin for

Jan 29th

It's really awesome! Please make more! I love the shading and the tree!!!! <3 it!

Jan 27th

what ???

Jan 27th

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Jan 23rd


Jan 14th

O.O Wow, that is fantastic. You rock bitstrips!

Jan 12th

this is so good it is unbelievable

Jan 9th

i lov it it's adorable and cute

Jan 8th

This is adorable, and amazing! I love the treem and the lighting. :)

Jan 7th

not that good but the positions and everythings should have made them sleepy.

Jan 6th

Why the heck are so many people saying "I don't get it"? What's not to get?

Jan 4th

Pretty nice. I myself like the tree. What's with the dragon?

Jan 2nd

@sammy_b: they are waiting for santa to come. use your imagination!

Dec 30th


Dec 29th

i dont fully get it but its still funny :) lol

Dec 25th

Thats what me and my sisteer do EVERY year

Dec 22nd

like me and my sister kudos to you

Dec 21st

pretty cool

Dec 21st

i....i dont get it?

Dec 20th

I like this.

Dec 20th

hee hee that highlited!!!

Dec 19th going to that!!!!

Dec 19th

How cute!

Dec 19th

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