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what would jesus say?

June 29th, 2010

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Amazingly, people are still misinterpreting this four years later...

August 23rd

Really? That's offensive to Jesus Christ and he is going to strike you down

August 12th

Jesus: A cosmic zombie spirit who grants you eternity in paradise if you ruin your Sunday's your entire life.

May 9th


March 7th

that a bit rude o__o

Dec 25th

wise message - i love it when people dismiss stuff as 'weird' usually means they don't get it. Age of Pisces

Sep 5th

Wow.....nice comic and nice explanation of who Jesus is....seriously though are people really calling this racist...some folks just cannot get past their own insecurities. Peace

Nov 28th

Cool! offense...I don't believe in god and jesus...don't take it the wrong way,I'm fine with people believing in god and jesus!I just don't...Please don't hate me!

Nov 8th

very stipid.

Nov 7th

that guy is kinda weird

July 14th

who is this guy suppoesed to be?? is he a rabbi?? if he is u r such a racist

June 24th

this is so dumb and fake

June 14th

to many words

Nov 6th



Sep 2nd

Its true loser

April 7th


Jan 24th

hahaha a noob.and funny

Nov 9th


Sep 13th

thank you pauly for reading and for your astute comments. I am not one to debate scripture, but I am glad that some actually understood the spirit (excuse the pun) of this strip.

Sep 9th

well i am glad to revisit this strip iggiest. i still can't fully agree with panel 8 but i love the spirit of what you attampted to accomplish, and indeed accomplished. i find that yes, matthew holds some of the hardest verses to practice, and indeed i have found myself practicing them here on this site, however, Jesus did say that he came to fulfill the law not to abolish it. such was the seeming dichotomy, or perhaps dualality of his words... in mark 11 we see him clearing the temple and the next morning teaching forgiveness and later that day teaching the second greatest commandment. FLK.

Sep 7th

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 5:3

Sep 7th

how is that offensive? in ANY way?

Sep 6th

very offensive

Sep 4th

well, like the bible, a comic strip should not be taken too literally.

August 25th

i'm a christian and i agree with the first 2 panels and the 4th.two things about the rest the bible would talk about it if it were true. second in the third panel "my old man"? the bible says that jesus and god are the same

August 25th

That you iggiest

August 23rd

i am a christian and i am proud of it!

August 20th

Jessica, Iggiest was not making fun of Jesus. I'm a Christian as well and the points made here are right on target. Christ taught tolerance, forgiveness and being the best person you can be. I still stand behind my original comment. Very well done Iggiest and thank you! And Jessica, you need to take a very hard look at yourself. Your attitude and last comment are not Christian like.

August 16th

What makes you think I'm fat?

August 4th


August 4th

i like it

August 2nd

oh im very sorry, i didnt understand at first

July 29th

I like that last one. It was clever

July 21st

I agree with beastcomicz. I am also a christian but some people don't understand that being rude is just STUPID and some kids are just trolls for fun! I like the strip Iggiest!

July 17th

We needed a strip like this. I am christian but some of these kids don't get the meaning of "rude" and DO infact need to lighten up a bit. The best to Iggiest.

July 10th

TEE HEEE!!.......

July 9th


July 7th

Thats funny :P

July 6th


July 6th


July 6th

Amen to that.

July 4th

im not a cristan but i wish i was

July 3rd

Very well put. I remember seeing pictures that have Jesus laughing. They are beautiful.

July 3rd

So true.

July 1st

can I buy a vowel?

July 1st

no..... i wuznt tlkin to U particulry wuz talkig to fuzzy

June 30th

then you've missed the point entirely. I'm not making fun of Christ or Christianity, I'm making LIGHT of those christians who take themselves too seriously. Read the last three panels, you'll be less offended.

June 30th

not lol, its kinda making a joke about christianty,and i take bein a hristian seriosly, just plz, dont make fun of it

June 30th


June 30th

What you are becoming day by day is of infinitely more importance than what you are today.

June 30th

I write the way that I speak, and I won't be apologizing for that any time soon. your original assessment tells me that you didn't read past panel 2 before you lashed out.. you're forgiven.

June 30th

Ok sorry but next time can you put smaller words but ,before I thought it was a comic about how jeus was bad so sorry P.s what dose Literate means

June 30th

I was reading Thich Nhat Hahn today and thinking Buddhism could be encapsulated in a paragraph. Then I thought, so could Christianity. The rest is just job creation for the theologians. Well said, Iggie.

June 30th

Hey Yumie the hater, please be literate and try to make sense in any future comments you may make on others' strips. This is unbecoming of you.+

June 30th

Why are you puting comic's like thios this isn't a info so STOP IT

June 30th

whoever flagged this isn't very smart. of course Jesus isn't white! the Europeans made him white so white people wouldn't be offenended!

June 30th

This is a very intelligent strip. Thank you for publishing it for all to see.

June 30th

probably not, iggy, 'to much werdz'

June 29th

thanks for your favs and comments. I don't mind the flags, it was on the front page long enough that it may have reached some of those for whom the message was intended.

June 29th

a fourth amen. these ideas were why i was fired from a church.

June 29th

Never thought about it that way

June 29th


June 29th

well said, people get all worked up over the superfluous aspects of Jesus, they forget the REAL message

June 29th

Jesus would have been the best drinking buddy.

June 29th

Yep, lighten up while you still can

June 29th

Bravo...I went for the "Ted Neely" (as opposed to Ted Nugent) look because that seems to be the image ingrained in my brain! Love it!

June 29th

Can I fave this three or four times, please? Oh, and 'ride on the peace train' works much better for JC than 'guns and survivalism', or whatever bullcrap Nugent pushes.

June 29th

What would Jesus say? MUST.... RESIST.... COMMENT....

June 29th

And another Amen.

June 29th

That Jesus dude... he is pretty smart...

June 29th

Amen brother!

June 29th


June 29th


June 29th

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