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All's Well?

September 20th, 2010

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Sad, but true.

May 28th

Kathryn Marsh, this is true, plants and coral are killed from this, and we are impacting our world, sonar killing whales, global warming, Im not a hippie, but we seriously need to dial it back a bit. im not saying we should stop driving cars and using Iphones, but we are impacting the enviroment.

Sep 6th


Nov 24th

Ha ha

Nov 9th

stop showing off your comics people! GEEZ!

June 26th

check it out good

Feb 13th

Lol nice, do you like mine : http://www.b
? I shared it on

Feb 12th

I'm all for saving animals and HELPING the environment but some people who are "green" take it a little over the edge. "Saving the planet?" You can't save the planet and we aren't really the main cause of pollution. It's from hundreds of years of change. At the same time, the wirld is not going to implode if we don't "Save it." the world can end at any point in time. Right now, tomorrow, or in a billion years. That's just reality...

Sep 29th

did u know that the plastic bag is the deadliest thing in da sea? Theres a video on youtube called The Majestic Plastic Bag- A Mocumentry. It almost made me cry!

August 6th

OMG! Im so shocked i posted comments like 5 times!

August 6th

@karicha5 WHAT!!! Are you serious?

August 6th

Its just like at school. We saw pictures of suffering animals like a turtle who had a can holder on it and its shell grew around it so it was squishing its belly and it couldnt eat! And there was another turtle with some wool in its mouth and there was other stuff. Its terrible this pollution!

August 6th

This is crazy!

August 6th

WOW! im just....

August 6th

f**k pollution

June 7th

well this is depressing...

May 17th


Feb 8th


Jan 29th

is the last strip how you see the world? its not nice to talk about pollution to pepole that can't stand pollution, like me. and the word has too much gas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 14th

oh..I get it! The guy on the tv said that everything is fine with the oil spill situation so the man is saying the gulf looked like this... now it looks like.... Great Work!

Nov 20th

I don't get it

Oct 30th

Sad, but so true...

Oct 23rd

Lol, i love all ur characters... Mine looks too realistic 0.0

Oct 5th

Ya, thats kinda funny i guess. :3

Oct 5th

True. Very true.

May 11th

Sad but funny...

Feb 17th

sad but true

Feb 14th

weird but funny

Nov 9th


Nov 1st



Oct 8th


August 20th

good comic

August 11th

what no it was realy good!!

April 30th

exactly... a clomp of rocks to a clomp of crap

April 18th

that was cool but but supgirl is right dont talk about unless u for sure u no

April 5th

i agree with supgirl

March 30th

look at my random comics or strips

March 25th

thats so true but i hate talking about this stuff it makes me worried

March 23rd

Nice comic, come check out some of mine. they are pretty good too.

March 14th

this explains people only care about what affecting them not others well not all people

March 6th

check out my comic

March 1st


Feb 15th

All is not well, look at humanity, politics, the enviroment, etc!

Feb 3rd

Such a sad part of history, yet it hasn't even been reported to have sunk to the bottom until resently. Where as before, it had "disappeared". As a marine biologist, and a person who follows american bussiness, so many fisherman and coral reefs, plancton, fish, etc have been impacted, along with all animals who migrate through the Gulf. Next time you eat a fish, you're probably eating BP's oil too.

Feb 3rd

Feb 2nd

i feel bad

Feb 2nd

i know this has nothing to do with this but if you could send me a friend request and be pink because i'm doing a special comic for cancer tomorrow so please do it for tomorrow

Jan 26th


Jan 25th

cause of this the world will end in 2012 what is with u f**kin peoples

Jan 23rd

i feel bad for the fishies too, but that was a funny comic strip!

Jan 14th

Poor fishies

Dec 23rd

I wish I could give multiple kudos! This strip is so true!

Dec 15th

trolls dont know when they should flag something or not in this case NOT

Nov 2nd

im really madd right now! if that happed in real life the fish would had died. about 25-40 % of fish would die but no one would care except me & vallary possibley, gez this is so stupid!

Nov 1st

I'm bitting my tounge right now.

Oct 26th

Bp can go to hell. You know how much inocent animals they killed just to make some "money"!

Oct 26th

that is sad for all the marine animals out there

Oct 24th

imguy just in disgise

Oct 23rd

stupid ramdom

Oct 17th

That's is so funny!!!

Oct 3rd

you make it goog

Oct 1st

Countless marine animals died. Yup. All's well *sarcasm*.

Sep 22nd

@wheelnut - oil usually floats, but after some time it starts to change chemically and becomes heavier than water, thus sinking. @ mel - you may have hit upon the only solution!

Sep 21st


good marine ambient! LKF

Sep 20th

Since when does oil sink?

Sep 20th

That's an easy fix. We just give the fish oxegen tanks and little cars to drive on the asphalt.

Sep 20th

But, besides that, all's well!

Sep 20th

Exactly !

Sep 20th

I can't even think of anything witty to say...

Sep 20th

... yes, let's make parking lots on the bottom of the ocean so we can lose more of nature.

Sep 20th

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