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May 3rd, 2010

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That's so mean,Why would you want to chop someone's finger off? That is so mature.

April 10th

cold cold

Jan 29th

you can prick your finger, but don't finger your prick - carlin

Sep 5th

200th laugh!

August 9th


Sep 24th

I like that this is flageedfor everything because it has to use examples.

May 30th

*Facepalm* @Below

May 2nd

this made me laugh so hard, i took a crap on my own face. I'm 11 and i get all the jokes. But some disturbed me a little.

April 18th

This looks like a job for SUPERCHATSHACK!!!!

April 7th


March 27th

dont get it at all kinda boring

March 3rd

Yay, i made the 101 comment. Now wheres my cookie?

March 3rd

Excuse my languge.

March 2nd

how do u make naked ppl

Jan 29th

the skeleton guy's name is Grey. thats the skeletons guy's name from the "son of neptune"(book). but that book was released in october or sumthing...

Dec 26th

no im not

Dec 20th

Someone's gunna get banned,......

Dec 18th

you suck dorian im tyrells brother

Dec 16th

Good job, Not Funny Enough For Me, you insulted one of the devs! You do know that Dorian can ban you if he wanted to, right?

Dec 15th

This comic is rated as "mature", so if someone is 8, 9 or 10 they should not be reading it. You are right about one thing, though, I am very childish.

Nov 30th

Why don't you try to grow up and be an adult you seem very childish. And don't put inapropriate words on bitstrips like dick, they're 8,9 and 10 etc. and they don't need to know that language untill they're older.

Nov 29th

oh my gosh grow up!

Nov 27th

Nice like how you put it

Oct 30th

every new user should not miss! I got it meanwhile too! and forgive me that I misused your inbox to get those infos... haha!

Sep 21st

*Wants to barf at pannel 4*

August 24th

nice!!!! cool

August 10th

Just as a question, is there a reason first panel and third panel are now considered mature?

August 10th

July 24th

Funny and Informative

July 13th

Oh my gosh!

July 11th

Where did you come up with that one, DiddlyPops?

July 9th

Disturbing how can you be the Bitstrips Administrive Adviser?

July 7th

June 9th

Oh my gosh! 44 groans?!?!

June 1st

Just pointing something out, in the first panel You said that Crap is not mature, But it is now flagged under the 'Mature' Category

May 22nd

May 18th

wholy Sh!t.

May 14th


May 7th

April 27th

April 18th


March 22nd

dannnnngggg! last one is violent!

Feb 25th


Feb 12th


Jan 23rd


Jan 19th

rate 0 itsaza too scary... RUN

Jan 11th

Who would ever groan this? I love it!

Jan 1st

This is the type of humour I like to see more often on bitstrips.

Jan 1st

Dec 22nd

I love panel 2 !

Nov 28th

no i do not want to see ur wrinkly dick

Nov 14th

i just cant stop looking at this is HILARIOUS!!!!!

Nov 1st

lol1 I love this! But 25 groans is CRAZYNESS! And from what you said a few months ago,helped me, because in one of my older strips it got flagged before anyone even viewed it! But know I know why! It had a word that's not the most appropriate! Automatic flag FTW!

Oct 31st

i like the crap on ur face part but not rlly the rest

Oct 19th

LOL ! "I'm gonna take a crap on your face !"

Oct 10th

Ok..this is flagged when You Are tyalkign about it

Oct 8th

i'm gonna take acrap on ur face !!!!

Oct 3rd

that was so awesome dorian you rock be my friend you are the best comic writer i've seen

August 22nd

Still gave me a good chuckle, thogh.

August 21st

This is a good strip! And I agree with Dorian 9 year olds aren't suppose to see this.

August 15th

@mcoly - this strip has been flagged as "mature". If you are 9 perhaps you should change your user settings so that you do not see mature content.

July 23rd

wow im am 9 and i was shocked but learned the diffrine between innapropiate and apropiatte

July 23rd

we'll now i know!

July 22nd

this is very disturbing

July 16th

July 5th

But the strip is automatically flagged mature because of the words!

July 1st


June 27th

I hate this!

June 25th

Thanks, jadafa3026. You are correct, the primary purpose of this comic was to serve as a guideline, not to entertain. Some of the content is deliberately disturbing in order to demonstrate the distinction between mature and not mature content on Bitstrips.

June 23rd

That is very informative! -points at the strips- you readin this kids?

June 23rd

disturbing much?

June 22nd


June 22nd

Wow.. I just love these examples!

June 21st


June 20th

This wasn't supposed to be funny kids, it was supposed to be informative.

June 17th

WOW !!

June 4th

sorry i don't like this one

June 1st

that doesnt make sense......

May 31st

I didn't really like this one. Not really my type of funny.

May 28th

May 28th


May 25th

I don't know... I didn't like it.

May 8th

so true, lkf.

May 5th

lmao this was great

May 4th

Oh DANG-IT I wanted to see the guy poo on the other guys face :(

May 4th

May 4th

Good one . Well said

May 4th

A sober, cogent and pretty darned funny illustration of how things work.

May 4th

thank you for finally doing this dorian. i gave it my best shot with http://www.b

May 4th

This is very clear.

May 4th

Not Bad

May 4th

Nice work! This is definitley something everyone on this site should see. It's informative and entertaining! KF!

May 3rd

It's not a perfect system, and what constitutes "mature content" will sometimes be up for debate, but it's how we grind. Let's cooperate and keep Bitstrips diverse!

May 3rd

A very good informative strip. You guys should consider a guide in strip form for Bitstrips.

May 3rd

We realize that this means that sometimes the flagging system gets abused, but we try our best to remove incorrect flags, and in some cases we strip abusive flaggers of their ability to flag comics.

May 3rd

Our auto-flagging system is meant to identify words that are considered mature in ANY context. Beyond that we place our trust in you, the users, to use our flagging system responsiblyand help keep our comics communitya place where people of all sorts can come and enjoy the kinds of comics they like.

May 3rd

thank you for saying this... and for illustrating it for those who dont get it :D

May 3rd

Some examples of context for those who would like some guidance. As you can see it's not always about the words. A mature situation can be evoked with innocent words easily enough.

May 3rd

Great Strip.

May 3rd

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