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August 22nd, 2010

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May 15th


Feb 20th

i wanna be in this picture! Awesome!

Dec 13th

July 4th


May 16th

April 23rd


April 9th


March 18th

You should be a comic artist <3

Feb 18th

This is amazing!

Feb 15th

Nov 30th


June 6th


March 10th

wow, its really good,.. awesome

Feb 21st

so amazing

Jan 26th

Wow! This is awesome!!

Dec 23rd

This is Great!

Nov 29th

wowwww!! it creates tense and suspense atmosphere. it can attract alot of people

Oct 12th

Oct 10th


Oct 8th


Oct 6th

Feb 15th

Wow! That is awesome.YOU GOT SKILLS!

Nov 8th

i certainly don't get it

Oct 13th

my new epic comic

July 17th

there is nothing to get it is really awesome!

June 4th

cool is really scary

May 26th

i like it. niiice

April 24th

thats pretty awsome

March 9th


Feb 19th

ur stupid if u dont get it its art

Jan 20th

that's amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing...

Dec 3rd

i dont get makes no sence...But it still gets 6.1k views!

Nov 24th

your not sopose to get it

Oct 8th

i dont get it

Sep 24th

This is so beautiful.

August 19th

its beautifal yet intense you show alot of potential in this picture :) Amazing

June 13th

I dont get it, nice scean though

May 15th

wht is it supposed to be

April 9th

i love that scene.

April 4th

how did you do it?! luv luv luv it! <3

March 11th

OMG !! This alone cannot be described with words....

Feb 21st

this is just way too epic for any word to describe it

Dec 30th

what shelby&sarah said! i wish i could have this as my screen saver! it roxs

Oct 5th

You have such amazing talent! can you draw that good? just wondering, I would love to put this on my screensaver somehow.... If I could like Kudos this more than once....

Sep 22nd


Sep 14th

What everyone else said!

Sep 11th

OMG! Stunning!

Sep 1st


August 30th

What else can I say about this besides the things everyone else has said? This is just eminent, so much detail, so much everything! You never fail to impress!

August 30th

yo tengo miedo lkf

August 28th


August 25th

This talent is stunning.Its even hard to think that you make such spectacular artwork!

August 23rd

[looks down]...SIR? Wha hahahaha!

August 23rd

you, sir, have definately "pushed the envelope" to its max! EXTREMELY WELL DONE! LK!

August 23rd

Another Outstanding Strip

August 23rd

oh my god

August 23rd

August 23rd

Holy (BEEP)!

August 23rd

August 22nd


August 22nd

Ah!! Nightmares Tonight.

August 22nd

Frikkin beautifantastical!

August 22nd

talented lkf

August 22nd

wow! lkf

August 22nd

August 22nd

August 22nd

Damn! It's always nice to come on here and see something like this! Take a bow! Brilliant!

August 22nd

A massively deserved FP. There should be a Hall of Fame for strips like this.

August 22nd

AMAZING! There are no words to describe it.....

August 22nd

That is so awesome!

August 22nd

Holy ... . You, my dear, are an artist. And I am officially going to stop even trying to make comic strips.

August 22nd

So well done it gives me a chill.

August 22nd

August 22nd


August 22nd

Thats my mom!

August 22nd

WOW! Very cool!

August 22nd

so props on doing the three arch windows by themselves. jen and i are arguing about it and no... they are not three black panels... you could have pulled it off except that the top brickwork on the far left gives away that you actually took the time to make it that way. i like it!

August 22nd


August 22nd

Holy sh#t! (Pardon my French)

August 22nd

I can't imagine how long it would take to do something this good!

August 22nd

*Bows down with Kat and says the same thing* We're not worthy! We're not worthy!!!

August 22nd

this is unimaginable!

August 22nd

marij , this is outstanding.

August 22nd

*bows to the master* We're not worthy! We're not worthy!!

August 22nd


August 22nd

What color is jealousy? Because I think I am colored it!

August 22nd

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