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Moon Crash?

February 8th, 2012

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you can play bitstrips in heaven :P

Oct 1st

(Sorry for commenting so much) Also, already have my 2013 calender up! Also, let's all have a laugh at them on december 22nd! YEAH!

Dec 16th

@Meeboy, the Mayans though that. It's just the end of thier calender! For them it's just a new year, or whatever. Its like ours, but it's on december 21st. I even saw a video with a Mayan ELDER saying it wont end.

Dec 16th


Dec 16th

Tapeman, you made my day, or year, or week, month?year?Probably my year, anywaays thank you SOOO much you rock, first they said its gonna end in 200 (wasn't born then but I still know) Then in 2011 or 2010 I forget, NOPE! Then, 2012! THE'REJUST MAKING RUMORS TO GET A WHOUL CRAP LOAD OF MONEY. THOUSE IDIOT ALMOST MADE ME CRY A WEEK AGO!

Dec 16th

Your perfectly right

April 14th

your right, people will kill themselves out of fear, but thanks to you tapeman, us bitstripers will not

April 2nd

did you hear they might get rid of all the pennies in the world!? well actually I think it's only in Canada cuz some other contries don't have "pennies "

March 30th

WHAT THE HELL !?!?!?!?! oh sorry, I was looking at that add at the bottom of the page.

March 30th

by the way i totally agree with ya tapeman!!!

March 27th

ya,sure great idea TO SUFFACATE AND DIE!

March 27th

I know how to survive lets stay in space

March 9th

um k

March 1st

Anyone think he sounds a bit like Craz1 as Craz always says "folks"

Feb 22nd

Yes, I agree

Feb 19th

Agreed, except for the part about us killing ourselves. If we do kill ourselves, it'll be through war. Otherwise, it'll be due to natural causes. Humanity's will to live is just too strong for us to all end our own lives collectively.

Feb 18th


Feb 18th


Feb 11th

KimberDolye, The Hopi Indians came up with the world ending in 2012.

Feb 10th

it's december 21st

Feb 10th

*tottaly agrees with Karma* I dont think its gonna kill us all. I think its just gonna change our gravity... But i do think the world is gonna end when the sun dies. (it gets bigger, and it gulps some planets, like our Earth, then when it gets really big, it turns into an dwarf star)

Feb 9th

Yep, gotta keep those priorities straight! Thanks for the cameo, Tapeman!

Feb 9th

actually, kimberdoyle, they didnt say the world was going to end in 2000. They just said the computers/all technology was going to end, explode, all our information was going to be gone, and nuclear missiles would destroy the world as we knew it. Food for thought.

Feb 9th

*then 2011 *and now this..

Feb 9th

soooooo true! first people thought the world was gonna end in 2000, (we're still here) the 2011, (can't get rid of us that easy) then December 2012 (really?!) amd now this... (seriously, who comes up with this stuff?!) GO TAPEMAN!!!

Feb 9th

Great comic! And you're right! The world will not end in our lifetime.

Feb 8th

Also the mars thing I forget exactly what it was but it didn;t happen eithier.

Feb 8th

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