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TotD: Why

June 12th, 2012

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My life bro <3

July 15th


Nov 22nd


Nov 16th

HAHA! You go dude!

Nov 16th

Hello everyone. My name if Fedya. I quite new with bitstrips. Hoping to make more friends but I have no idea how to use friend-finder. Anyway, I leave a message here for you guys to check out my strips. I'll be updating it daily. Thanks :P

Nov 8th

Your comics suck! Mine is more better!

Nov 5th

?(????)? GREEN LAND Y U NO GREEN!?!? (yeah I know, It's so overused...¬__¬)

Nov 5th


Nov 3rd

oh nooo

Nov 2nd

The guy seems toooooooooo angry!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 27th


Oct 25th

lol nice

Oct 25th

lol so funny!

Oct 17th

no exts alowed

Oct 16th

Oct 16th

lol, reminds me of umbridge in a very potter sequel

Oct 14th

very funny

Oct 13th


Oct 8th

really funny do some more ha ha ha

Oct 7th

you ought to check out my series: Green, Blue and Red.

Oct 2nd

It's not Why You No, It's Y U NO. Why You no is insulting.

Sep 28th

Mine Kraft Y U NO made of Kraft dinner?

Sep 28th

You Mad Bro

Sep 26th

what's your problem ice_pop91

Sep 26th

Um...That IS concidered trolling.

Sep 11th

Hi not trying to troll or anything but could you guys check out my new (Un-finished) Series? Heres the link:http://www.b

Sep 10th

im inicent really please don't hurt me

Sep 9th

That's sort of like the things on ragestache! So funny!

Sep 7th

I know right I hate when that happends

Sep 5th

Soo truuue

Sep 3rd

lol totaly awesome !!

Sep 1st


August 21st

Internet memes are cool, but Taste of Awesome is the place to post these. Not bitstrips.

August 17th

I like it

August 16th

if you don't like memes don't comment on strips saying it i don't think other people care if you like it or not

August 16th

memes arent funny... never were never will be

August 16th


Why do you put internet memes on bitstrips?

August 15th

This is a perfect example for why I quit Bitstrips, and why I don't accept friend requests from anyone anymore.

August 15th


August 14th

Hi!! Please see my bistrips and scenes! and a coment pleaase!! And just so you know.. LOL I LOVE THIS COMIC xD

August 13th

i hate memes and trolls and things theyre not funny

August 10th


happens to me all the time HONEY BOO BOO! I wunder why? I MEAN I AM SPECIAL>>> MOMMY SAID SO HERSELF!!!!!!!

August 9th


August 6th

I don't find this funny at all...

July 21st


July 20th

lol, that's how feel

July 15th

cool. check out my comics there just as good!!!

July 10th

nice comic, check out mine there amazing

July 10th

Okay then.?

July 9th

yeah i saw that on some guys facebook page @below

July 7th


July 5th

that looks like real meme

July 3rd

it is an old character @below

July 2nd

Funny!! How do u make that kind of charactr? post a coment to show me how. my usrname is Mchardy123

June 30th

i dont txt back 2 people i dont want 2 txt or if my phone is dead

June 29th

cause i ignore a lot of people sometimes...BECAUSE IM BUSY!

June 27th

ha, ha

June 24th

June 21st

thats what happend to me when i was texting one of my friends and i was out and my ipod had no wifi then i get home and she says one thing then right after she say why you no text back.

June 15th

not all ppl would get it right so i included the proper spellin @comicpower

June 14th


June 14th

On, and when Does the Narwhal Bacon.

June 13th

This is pretty good, but the meme is Y U NO, missplelt on purpose. And I think you can call the series Rage-Faces, or Memes, not Rage Troll Forever.

June 13th

RAWR...! he seems m-a-d-!

June 13th

spas much

June 13th


June 13th


June 13th

cause im busy

June 13th


June 13th

cool, but a little strange

June 13th

The Y U NO guy shouldn't have a moustache, unless that's meant to be wrinkles.

June 12th

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