On, you can:

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The Default homepage for is Page One. This is where you'll find the latest news, updates, Bitstrip of the day, and other featured content.

To read the latest Bitstrips or explore the archive, click on the 'explore bitstrips' link in the top menu. This brings you to the Bit-Feed, where you can browse all the latest bitstrips. Choose a feed from the drop-down list on the upper left (Editor's Pick, Latest Bitstrips, etc), or click the 'Browse' button for even more choices.

Click on any Bitstrip in the list to read it!

Once you've opened a Bitstrip, you have a few options beyond just reading it.
Along the bottom of the strips, there are icons that enable you to:

  • Add a comment (don't forget to adjust your avatar's expression!)
  • Send to a friend (via email)
  • Post to a blog or website
  • Flag as Mature or Offensive
  • Make it a favourite (makes it easier to find later)
  • Subscribe (to a series or author)
  • Edit the strip (only possible for selected strips, plus any you've made)
  • Rate the strip - if it made you laugh, click on the smile! If it made you groan, click on the frown. If you feel indifferent towards it, don't click anything!


The first thing you should do on Bitstrips (after you've read some comics), is design your avatar. You can make it look just like you, or more like your imaginary self - whatever you want! To edit your avatar, go to your profile page (top right link in the upper menu), and click 'Edit my Avatar', which will bring you to the Character Builder.

In the Character Builder, you can design yourself, your friends, or any other person or character you can think of.

Click on the face to edit your look. Swap features by clicking on them and then selecting new variations from the library on the right. Features on the face can also be moved and/or resized.

Click on the body to edit your height, build and costume. You can change colours using the colour picker on the left.

Use the character controls in the top (orange) panel to test out your expressions and rotations.

Don't forget to save when you're done!


You can use the Character Builder at any time to create any number of original characters to use in your Bitstrips. Friends, famous people, or figments of your imagination - anything goes!

New Characters you create will automatically appear in the Comic Builder Library.

You can edit previously created characters by clicking on them from your profile page.


To make a new Bitstrip, go to the Comic Builder.

Choose your layout from the layout panel. You can work from a pre-set template, or enter the number of panels you want in the box on the right. You can also manually edit your layout by clicking on the borders to resize panels, and using the buttons below the strip to add or remove panels or rows.

To bring characters or other artwork into your comic, select the 'Art Library' panel above the strip. The Art Library is where you'll find many collections of people, places and things to use in your Bitstrips. Select your collection from the list on the left, and choose the object category along the top of the panel. Once you've found what you're looking for, just drag and drop it into the panel of your choice.

Double-click on any character to open the 'Controls' panel. You can use the character controls to change your character's expression, pose or rotation.

To add dialogue, select the 'Text Bubbles' panel above the strip. Drag and drop any type of text bubble into a panel, and enter your text. You can edit the contents of the bubble at any time by clicking on the text. Click on the edge of the bubble to move it around. If you click and drag on the very end of the pointer, you can adjust it to point to the speaking character.

To build your strip faster, try copying and pasting panels. Click anywhere inside a panel (not on a character or object) to select the entire panel, then hit the 'copy' button below the strip. Then, click on an empty panel and hit the 'paste' button. Now that you've copied the basic layout, you can edit the new panel to continue your strip.

When you're done, add a title and hit 'SAVE'!


In the Comic Builder, there is a drop-down menu on the upper left of the strip. Clicking on this will give you the option to start a new series (or continue one that you've already started). A Series is a numbered sequence of Bitstrips - it can tell a story, explore a theme, or be whatever you want. After naming your series and saving its first episode, you can continue it any time by clicking on the same dropdown list in the Comic Builder.


Bitstrips is even more fun with friends! To make some, click on the 'Friends' link in the left-hand menu. From your friends page, click on the Friend-Finder to search for your friends on Bitstrips, and send them a request.

With lots of friends on Bitstrips, you can share comics and characters, send messages, and even collaborate on stories! If your friends aren't here yet, send them an invitation and get them to join in the fun.


Once you've designed your avatar and made some friends, you'll notice a bunch of boxes along the right side of the site. These are Chatterboxes - a place to let your friends know what you're up to, and what your mood is at any given moment.

To update your status, just click on the link below your avatar (in the upper right corner). You can add a message, and adjust your expression to match. As soon as you update your chatterbox, your friends will see your updated status.


More comprehensive help is coming soon. In the meantime, check out the series 'How to Make a Bitstrip' for more detailed tips. Or, email us at if you're really stumped!