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TotD: Around

March 4th, 2011

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type type type.. .LKF! ;)

Feb 27th

soo true

Nov 30th


Oct 2nd

Happens to me ALL the time i may not be the best but certainly not the worst.

May 2nd

Story of my life right there!

March 13th

the theme of the day has been around for 3 days

March 6th

sorry *kids

March 6th

@tancid Even if you only get 1 or 2 kudos' a day the ones that do give it a kudos really respect you and enjoy the strips that you make. Personally I think it's better to have 9 or 10 people who are true friends kudos, instead of having 100 people kudos when half of them are kds who don't even understand half of the comic

March 6th

Thanks for the kind words, guys -- very much appreciated. This isn't just about me, though. Look through most everyone's strips, and you'll see that roughly only 10% of their readers actually bother to click a button. That's understandable when it's obviously a strip that took less than 5 minutes to crank out, but when people are clearly putting a lot of time and effort into their work, it really deserves some show of appreciation. There are people here who put HOURS -- if not days -- into their strips. Taking 3 seconds to click a button to show that you liked it isn't so much to ask.

March 5th

I admit to reading but not rating in the past...

March 5th

I know what you mean. Same thing happens to me.

March 5th

I'm sorry, I'm one of the people who reads and doesnt rate/comment. but thats cause I read most strips on my phone and I cant rate/comment there! Sorry Sorry Sorry! I rated you last 35 strips the LKF they deserve!

March 5th

whatss ur otheer account??

March 5th

Clearly this is not a matter of people not seeing it when a strip has 50+ views and 1 laugh and 2 kudos. So I diagree with Glue's point. I unfortunately don't have as much time to dedicate to reading strips, and what little time I have I use to get caught up on KC. I hope that this will be fixed, because it really is an amazing series.

March 5th

I forgot you even had a second account.

March 5th

Glue has a point; the strips on your other account are purposefully limited to a mature audience, so that's a factor in your ratings. It's a good method, but you have to keep that in mind.

March 4th

I love reading your strips, but a majority of what you make is on your other account, which, due to age limits, I cannot view :(

March 4th

What everyone else has said . Apart from the great stories you write . Your scene making is incredible .You put so much thought an effort in every scene.

March 4th

Sad, really. Especially with all the complaints lately from people saying they can't find quality strips anymore. I think they mean quality strips that don't require reading, focus, attention, ummm ... any kind of investment other than a nano second of their time. Yours are some of the very best Bitstips has to offer. I appreciate all the effort and dedication and personally thank you for it.

March 4th

I've gotten used to the fact that (a) I am not going to start accepting FRs from 10-year-olds and (b) my strips are going to be read by a handful of people, only six or eight of whom will appreciate them. That's fine, you do good work and if the kiddies don't get it, so be it. But as an accomplished stripper, it's still good of you to encourage good work, even it it's not repaid (immediately). Keep it up, please!

March 4th

I know what you mean...

March 4th

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