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5 Types Of Bitstrippers

April 8th, 2009

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sascha is #5

Dec 21st

2 and 3,because i make video game characters and put them in my comic.It sorta counts.

Dec 18th

i'm a 2.5

Dec 15th

I'd say i'm a 2 but sometimes a 3

Dec 8th

E lorinha lala ta famosa minha lindinhaaaaaaaaaa!

Oct 22nd

I'm a 1 but sometimes a 3

Oct 5th


Oct 2nd

sometimes 3 and 2 maybe 1

August 27th

2 and 3

August 21st


August 10th

You have made a vated strip....

June 21st

Noobs is 7

June 14th

trolls = 6

June 13th

I guess you could say.. I'm more of a number 2 than the other ones, but occasionally number 4.

May 25th

2,3,4 i guess

May 24th

swiggity swoo likely a 2

May 10th


May 7th

#2. Definetly #2 for me.

May 3rd


April 30th

2 and a little 1!!

April 26th

i would like to say im 1 2 and 3 but im not if any thig im 4 5 2 i suck PS the only reason i said that was because now people will feel sorry for me and check out my comics

April 6th


March 26th


March 21st

Im 2 and 3, also a little of 1.

March 14th

Glad to know I'm a 1 2 3, eyes on me.

Feb 20th

im 3 and 2

Feb 12th

I'm a 1-3 (One to Three)

Feb 7th

I'm a 3.

Feb 3rd

im 3,but i try to remix others but most of boommbike's characters are privit.

Jan 24th

i'm 1

Jan 19th

I'm 2 and 3!

Dec 26th

Im deffinately a 2.

Dec 22nd


Dec 12th


Dec 12th


Dec 6th

1,2,3, and 4. :D

Nov 24th


Nov 23rd

I meant Cec would be a 1...His charecters are there too!

Oct 9th

I would be 2 or 3

Oct 2nd

peanut is 5

Sep 27th

I honestly don't know.

Sep 14th

2, maybe 3

Sep 12th


Sep 8th

3 or 2...

August 25th

am around a ONE because i was on this old bitstrips called "BITSRTIPS ON TELETOON" and i took everything to the next level. but it deleted because a serten someone throwed a made up prom and it serwed up everything. hearts where broke and a heck of things happened so they deleted that bitstrips due to kids racking up room and swaring and stuff

August 5th

this does not make any scence by zate!

August 4th

I'm around a 3, BoomMike's a 1

August 1st

why you so grey ha ha!!!!

July 29th

I think I'm 2 or 3

July 20th

#2 actually :P

July 16th

strips not stripers

July 7th

strippers.... xD

July 1st

With a dash of 1 and 2 in there

June 7th

I'm probably more of a 3.

June 7th


June 5th

2 and 3

June 4th

1 or 2

May 19th

I'm a mix of 2 and 3...

May 16th

Imma 2 or 3

May 11th

1 or 3

May 11th

I guess a mix between 2 and 3.

April 19th


April 14th


April 4th

occasionally #1, sometimes #3, but usually #2

March 23rd


March 23rd


Jan 29th

Sometimes I'm a 4 and most of the time a 2.

Jan 22nd


Jan 12th

Im defently a 2

Dec 17th

Probably 2...

Dec 16th

2 3 4 and 5

Dec 13th

-10 (lol lkf)

Nov 14th

I'm between 2 and 3.

Oct 15th

I think that I could be sometimes 2 or a 3 but maybe sometimes a 4...

Oct 15th


i'm 3 and 2

Oct 11th

im a 1 and 2, but i know a person thats a 5.

Oct 9th

I will be 1 & 2 but more of a 1!! 2 is only sometimes.

Sep 23rd

i think im between 2 and 3...

Sep 22nd

not to brag but think ima' 2 and a half...

Sep 22nd

IM A 3

Sep 21st

im a 2 and 3

Sep 1st

1 and 2

August 29th

Im a 3 and 2 Thanks for helping me Respect bro Or Mam Or what ever they call you

August 23rd


August 19th

im a 1-2

August 17th

it ryhmes with shoe

July 29th

i am so a two

July 20th


July 16th

im probably a 2!!

July 10th

2-3 :3

July 9th

2 or a 3 for me.

July 8th

I'm a 2.

July 5th

I'm at #3 or #2

June 23rd

2 and 3

June 23rd

3 and 1 for me.

June 16th

2 for me

June 6th

im between 1 and 3

June 2nd

1,3 and 4

May 24th

i think i'm at 2

May 23rd

4 or 3

May 19th

Imma 2 i guess... But this just helps me out...

May 19th


May 17th

too true

May 12th

ima 1. i just do comics for the characters. xD

May 10th

Now, that is a more intelligent answer. You can't be subjective about yourself, so others are best to assess.

May 4th

I'd say really 3-4, but I'm not going to decide how mine is, I'll let someone else do it.

May 4th

me 1,2 sometimes 4 but mostly 1

April 24th

All ones are amazing!!! Next, do one about a pooping unicorn!!! But it poops out Candy!!! Cat loves candy!!!!

April 10th

i am soooooo 2

March 29th

im 3

March 25th

ME 2!!!

March 16th

im probably 3

Feb 25th

im sometimes 2 sometimes 4 but mostly 1

Feb 3rd

Im sometimes a 4 but other times im a 2.

Jan 27th

2 & 3 are me!

Jan 24th

2 or 4, depending on the strip.

Jan 20th

i'm prolly a 3.

Dec 23rd

i think that i am number 1...

Dec 17th

i try to be 2 but im 5

Nov 24th

2 and 3, I guess.

Nov 8th


Nov 7th

1 and maybe 2

Nov 5th


Oct 16th


Oct 14th

1, 2, 4.

Sep 28th

I would say I'm a 1...... In real life :p

Sep 15th

i'm 1 or 3ish

August 1st

eeeeh im a 1 or a 2

July 27th

I would say I'm a three

July 26th

I'm a 1 & 3

July 25th

I'm all of em...

July 20th

im a 1-3

July 5th

I'm a 3.

June 29th

am a 1 2 and 3

June 13th

Im a 2. I try to change Bitstrips too!

June 8th

betwenn 1 and 2

June 4th

@Kiptoke same i'm a 2

May 30th

I'd say i'm a 2.

May 21st


April 17th


April 13th


April 11th

im a 1 and 2 i like my own fresh ideas

March 31st

I tryto be 1 and 2, however, I'm probably more 5...

March 4th

2, sometimes 3.

March 3rd

im a 3...

March 2nd

i'm totally a number 1.

Feb 26th

I think I am #1

Feb 23rd

Hmmm... I'd say I'd be a 2, 3 and 4.

Feb 12th


Feb 2nd

im pretty sure that im a 1, 2 and a 3

Dec 21st

I'M A 2!!! That sounds weird!

Dec 9th


Nov 27th


Nov 7th

3 and 5

Oct 23rd

Oct 17th

Im about a 2.

Oct 11th

4 or 3.

Oct 10th

To be honest Boommike from that strip you look like either 1 or 3 Kudos!

August 29th

To be honest, I'm only a 4.

August 29th

i'm probably 3 or 4

August 24th


August 24th

I came to a conclusion after long though: I am between a 4 and a 3.

August 24th

i'm in between 2 and 3

July 23rd

Im probably a 2

July 20th

I think im a 3. i took valves idea for my zombeh viruz comics... please look at em

July 11th

im all 5

June 11th

lamo this is funny

May 28th

That is so true. Im a 3

May 13th

#2 or #3

May 12th

I would be #1! Chaeck out my strips to find out why!

May 10th

i would be the same as boo.

April 24th

Iwould be #4

April 10th

I'm using 1 & 3! I'm making a series in wich Obama is a super Hero, but the story is including other characters like The Joker, Voldemort & Pikachu!

April 4th

2 and 3 combined, my ideas are born from reading other strips.

March 24th

Um, I think I'm a 2.5. I use the world around me for ideas, and a bunch of people think I'm quite imaginative.

March 22nd

i think i'm a 1 or a 3...

March 21st

i'm 2 and a half , 2 and 3.2 and a half cause i sometimes take experiences from my life.

March 7th

I'm a 2.

Feb 24th


Feb 15th

I'm 1,3 and 4

Jan 18th

i'm 1 2 3

Jan 6th

I'm all six!!! Six being the mystery favoriter.

Nov 7th

#2,#3 and mabey #1

Nov 3rd

Same as Tony. It depends.

Oct 3rd

1, 2, and 3

Sep 5th


August 2nd

beetween 3 & 2

July 27th

2 And 3 and some 1ish!

July 23rd

maaaaaaaaaaaaybe a 3...

May 28th

What would I be? Maxbe a 2.

May 22nd

I'm probably a 2!!

May 10th

BD, u have a couple more #1's than that. but lord burrito is awesome!

April 9th

hhmmm.... I'd say I'm a 3, with a rare 1-style strip here and there. http://www.b

April 9th

Which number belongs to people just stealing other people's strips, without adding anything significant?

April 9th

I think im number #2.

April 9th

I love that show! Number 6!

April 9th

I am not a number, I'm a free man!!!! (You have to have watched 'The Prisoner' to get this one...or listened to Iron Maiden!

April 9th

bullsh#t! bullsh#t i say! i demand a recount! i too can be unobservant! what? where am i? eh?

April 9th

I'm number 42. And, I am popcorn. Butter me.

April 9th

good points i think there might be one more but cant remember plus i think i fit in with #2

April 9th

of the world as they percieve. Then there is a third. Creative of (for lack of a better word) soul. These move your emotions, and change the way you see. They stir you to act, and show a brand new perspective to live in. Now, Niether mind nor heart are better then the other. One without the other is not as good as an perfect balance of both. Sometimes you need more mind then heart, other times vise versa. there is no set boundary of how much is needed, it is different everytime. sometimes the most emotionally moving of things are cold and logical. Sometimes the smartest things are heartfelt.

April 9th

this brings up an interesting point. everyone wants to say they're #1, despite the honest truth. though, in all reality, originality is incredibly hard to find because all we are is based on previous experiences, and following that logic everybody is number 3, or perhaps a number 2. The bottom two, 6 + 5, are general populus, and are easily defined and spotted. But #1, that is a pyramid unto itself. There is the part which is defined by heart, the emotionally creative, and can show you a world through the heart strings. There is also the mind, which shows you a world through manipulation ...

April 9th

true...AND ITS TRUE!!

April 8th

Thank you for including Rovilino in your list of creativity!

April 8th


I wish I was number one, thought really, is anything ever original? So I guess I'm two.

April 8th

You left out "#6: Totally Clueless". I strive for #1, but usually slide around in the other categories.

April 8th

I think Caffine has a lot to do with it... ( maybe a few other chemicals) but really I think we are all a mix of the different types... oh...and Age counts for alot!

April 8th

how about 6) doesnt give a crap what number she is and does it for fun :)

April 8th

I have to agree with Mady. I do see Ambiance's point though. I know! Let's start another one of those 'everyone remixes it' strips (kidding)

April 8th

The person who knows you the best, is not you.

April 8th

1 and 3

April 8th

I'm both a #1 and #2.

April 8th

I'd have to respectfully disagree with this. I don't think there's any one place people belong. Though I do agree with the premise of #4 and #5; there are definitely people who clearly belong for the higher ones, I think there are too many variations to cluster specifically.

April 8th

yep, we're all looking wondering which one we are...yikes...

April 8th

Hmm...i dont know what i am in these..

April 8th

id say im a 3

April 8th

I fluctuate between all of these.

April 8th

I'm one and four, sometimes 5

April 8th

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