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August 15th, 2011

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wickey what the hey

April 14th


June 4th


Jan 30th

How'd you get the cheeks like that?

Nov 30th

Girl, don't. That baby doll wasn't nowhere near worth a beating from yo mama.

Nov 30th

sorry for any speling errors XD

Nov 24th

Wow that is how my mom did to me and I allawys wounderd how dose the shopkeeper can have that much babys

Nov 24th

@sexylicious NO ONE likes u!

August 23rd

My little brother do this.

August 6th

its so true kids can be evil! i am two brothers wh annoy the hell out of me well the little one!!!!

July 31st

@Asma Mahmooda lol ikr, they're so creepy.

July 10th

i dont like dolls

June 24th

Dolls are freaking creepy.

May 16th

April 24th

check it out funny

Feb 5th

@cami1661 Wtf, you use normal people and shirnk them

August 5th

Really? @below

July 16th

How do you make babies?????!!! please tell me!!!!!!!

July 9th


June 26th

I once bought a 100$ doll.

June 22nd

: D

June 9th

is that a true story?

April 14th

sassychika go suck an egg

Jan 29th

can you check out the singing bros and mario and lighi.

Jan 22nd

the doll is kinda scary though ....

Jan 10th

The doll... it stares into my soul!

Dec 20th


Dec 15th


Nov 28th

never feel guilty, no offence but, kids are evil

Oct 8th


Oct 7th


August 25th

Again - Real comments, not stats, please.

August 7th

160th laugh 110th Kudo 82nd favourite!!!!

August 7th

159th laugh!

August 6th

That is sooo adorable! I was the same way when I was little!

August 1st

is that true story?

July 27th

July 19th

July 16th

Reminds me of freddie...but the weird thing is HE'S A DOG!?!?!?! -No comment-

June 17th


May 30th

LUV IT!!!!!!!!!!

May 13th


May 5th

I like all of your comics they are all awesome keep it up!

March 23rd

guys, you really have to check out "Hot Tub Time"

March 20th

Please stop commenting the number of ratings you've been doing. Thanks.

March 20th

90th kudos

March 19th

133th laugh.

March 4th

127th laugh!

Feb 20th

125th laugh

Feb 16th


Feb 10th

thats so cute omg i hope i never have to deal with that when my baby is born

Feb 8th

i love youe comic

Feb 7th

Jan 31st


Jan 22nd

i had a corelle when i was a baby and i still have it some where

Jan 18th

is this for reals

Jan 14th

dont feel guilty it was exspensive!

Jan 4th

It's alright

Dec 9th

FUNNY!!! Did this really happen?!?!?

Nov 7th


Nov 4th

i feel stupid asking but how do you give the characters a neck?!

Nov 4th

100th LKF. :D

Nov 4th

good comic! I like panel 4

Oct 27th

aaaawwwww this comic is soo cute!

Oct 12th

thats rude i would of bougth it for her i would not be rude'

Oct 10th

huh? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Oct 9th


Oct 7th

8 of the same people commented with his multiple accounts

Oct 4th

That has happen to me:(

Sep 17th


Sep 16th

Awww...she is so cute, good comic!!

Sep 15th


Sep 15th

Ha, little girl you just got juked! How old is the little girl?

Sep 2nd

my dad bought this HIDEOUS shirt with WWII planes on it so my mom made him return it. But now she's all guilty and she bought it for him.

August 31st


August 30th

Cool lol

August 29th


August 28th

My Sister always find money, no matter whe she goes. Also she always wants Expensive items. I tell her to get her own job. My sister is a Junk Collecter. Bye the way good comic! LKF

August 28th

My sister always finds pennies. Also she always wants Junk. I tell her you do not need it, but if you really want it that bad, get your own job!

August 28th

anyways, good comic

August 24th

My sister always asks me to buy her something, but she always gets it in the end. She likes Expensive STUFF! I told her to get her own job! :)

August 24th

Me too Baconator152!

August 24th

Sometimes my sister asks me to buy her something... but she ALWAYS wants something EXPENSIVE.... so i say you dont need it!

August 23rd

i know how you feel i feel like that too when my parents give me the guilt tick dosen't work though

August 23rd

Ah yes, the good but evil guilt.

August 22nd

i know :l breast feeding baby dolls! eww...

August 21st

Was it the one that you can breast feed? Those things SCARE ME.

August 21st

4th panel=win. Did the baby go to the bathroom too? 50 bucks is insane for a DOLL.

August 20th

She is so cute! and i agree with Orb

August 20th

If I was her I would have just went and got another one. It's not like all the dolls are the mom's babies.

August 19th


so tem coisa ingleis :[

August 19th

HAHAHA! i have to tll so many little kids that excuse! "thats the mommy go give it to her"

August 17th

August 17th

Awww! She's cute! My mom used to do that to me all the time...

August 17th


August 15th

Aw, I used to have to do that for my little sister too.

August 15th

this is a funny and cute story!

August 15th

The doll stares into your soul.

August 15th

She's so cute!

August 15th

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