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November 19th, 2010

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he magic

April 14th

... I have found my people.

Oct 23rd

is that pantomiying?

Oct 4th

en donde e visto eso antes

April 4th


March 11th

i dont get it and scard of clowns! ahhhhhh

Dec 22nd

Hey everybody it's my dad!

Dec 16th

it's a girl some woman have short hair like my mother..... you're obviously a troll or either stupid @below

August 4th

i dont get it either

July 5th


May 30th

Girl @below

May 25th

boy or girl?

May 2nd

hey its that person tht made that beautiful peace thing!

March 12th


March 12th

i word POKO

Dec 26th

There is just one word to describe this: Intresting.

Oct 31st

i soo didnt get this lol but im still laughing its just too weird!

July 27th

please check out my new episode of Dr.sheldon series

July 18th


July 9th


June 21st

Oh, and Dani259 - you just take a square, and make it so you can only see the sides.

May 30th

It's a mime, you know the guys who don't talk and make widows with hand gesters? Now what if they had curtains? It's a joke.

May 30th

what the heck!

May 17th

Hey Dani259 its either effects or u get the thin rectangle from shapes and change the colour...or make it tranlucent.....prob colour!!!!!!!!!!

March 14th

awesome!! but how did you do the white square?!?

Feb 13th

My best friend likes it but he dosn`t get it

Nov 24th

It`s all in the comic, it`s all in the comic. `dap.

Nov 8th

um how do we know what there doing if there is no words

Nov 2nd


agree with Hedi Pennings Pluim

Oct 29th

So many trolls in this comic. If you don't get it, don't say anything. You just make yourself look dumb.

Oct 9th

umm put a shirt under the coat plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Oct 1st

Neat stuff!

Sep 30th

... That makes no sense

August 30th

OK.... good comic?

August 26th

not funny.... groan

August 8th

* twiches because of mimes*

July 2nd

clowns scare me...

June 30th

good idea but its kind of boring.

June 25th

*is scared of mimes*

June 24th

okk thats intersting. i like it but mimes scare me.

June 23rd

nice not bad i like it

June 11th

wow,thats actuly pretty good!

June 5th


May 30th

May 29th


May 20th


April 27th

WHAT THE------------------------

April 22nd


April 15th

to eironl12: cause she is a mime, DUHHH!

April 3rd


March 22nd

Wow it was cool, she doesn't talk and it is cool!

March 16th

freakin trolls

March 1st

That is a good idea! Cool mime!

Feb 25th

really nice

Feb 21st


Feb 5th


Jan 26th


Jan 23rd

Thats so cool!!!

Jan 22nd

Coolio :3

Jan 12th

nice but a littleboring

Jan 8th


Jan 1st

that was so stupid

Dec 23rd


Dec 23rd

aieeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! clown!!! but good thing this one is not so scary!

Dec 22nd

AHHHH A CLOWN!!!! tell me when its over :(

Dec 21st

oh my gosh every time i see this i want to cry so bad i love it and its so great!!!!

Dec 14th

thats the best one i have seen before !!!

Dec 10th

i dont get it

Dec 3rd

add me

Dec 3rd

That was just pure awsome!

Dec 3rd

i like it it is super cool!

Dec 2nd

nice but a little boring

Dec 1st

??? XD :D

Dec 1st


Nov 26th

Nice one

Nov 25th

I like this one..!

Nov 23rd


Nov 23rd


Nov 22nd


Nov 22nd

i agree Ambiance i luv thisa strip nice wrok

Nov 20th

that is awesome

Nov 20th

Xin's wrong: I LOVE mimes. This strip is excellent.

Nov 20th

Thats awesome!

Nov 19th


Nov 19th


Nov 19th

You could build yourself a mine house.

Nov 19th


Nov 19th

no one likes a mime. except maybe one with magic powers.

Nov 19th

I like the avatar.

Nov 19th

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