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'Tall order.'

November 6th, 2010

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Add a comment

Define..."saving trees"

May 13th

she lik my mom

April 14th

really? saving trees?

Dec 23rd

Saving trees, you say?

Dec 15th

eehhh... youre a mouse right?

August 14th

ha ha , what a funny to be in humor comics ..

June 6th


April 6th

All that paper(and wooden pencils)! Glad to see she cares about the enviroment.

March 7th


Feb 12th


Jan 22nd

hahaha, that irony

Dec 14th

that's alot of stuff... lol

May 9th

she is saving more trees than what she buying

March 9th


Jan 15th


Jan 12th

this is kind of funny and stupid

Nov 22nd

Thank - You lady for saving our trees

Oct 29th

=D great

June 23rd

o i get it

June 19th

LOL this is awesome

June 19th


June 2nd

lol i like this one

May 28th


took me a minuet to figure it out but its funny

May 1st

Finally a sophistocated and funny comic for once! You are amazing, trust me you'll be seeing more of me commenting on your comics from here on out, AMAZING JOB!

April 17th

haha :)

April 8th

LOL yes SHES saving SO many tress -.-

March 15th

Oh.. the IRONY!

Feb 20th

That's so sweet of her to help trees (homework does kill trees)

Jan 12th

lol nice job gramma!

Jan 10th

Lmao.. I just got that.. lmao! That is amazing :D

Jan 5th

Jan 3rd

ha!!! nice

Jan 1st

Jan 1st

lol nice!!

Dec 29th

Dec 28th

ya saving trees by buing 1500 sheets of paper

Dec 24th


Dec 24th

Thats funny and i dont think one paper bag will help trees with all of that stuff. LOL

Dec 23rd

DX, you do realize that this comic uses sarcasm, rite?

Dec 23rd

DX . What a ridiculous comment.

Dec 23rd

seriously dude if ur gonna make a joke make it about barbie and her gastrict bypas surgery not the envoiment 1. making jokes about barbie funny! 2. making a joke about the envoirment offensive to some ppl

Dec 23rd

hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! "nice to see you are helping to save our trees"!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah, right!

Dec 22nd

thats not what they mean!!!!

Dec 22nd

plastic doesnt come from f@#king trees

Dec 22nd

love it!!

Dec 21st

get a sense of humor u junkeys!!!!! its just a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 18th

seriously saving the trees

Dec 14th

UPSIDE = she's saving trees DOWNSIDE = she's having trouble UPSIDE = she dosn't have to pay. DOWNSIDE = the cops are on her trail

Dec 11th

she didnt even pay!!! THIEF!!!

Dec 11th

Terrific. totally true

Dec 6th

great job! And I get it, unlike SOME people

Dec 5th


Dec 5th


Dec 5th

I don't get it

Dec 5th

boo we need to save our trees

Dec 4th

oh god this is hilarious keep them coming!1!!!11111!1

Dec 3rd

NOT NICE we need our trees!!

Dec 1st

soccerboy11,it's like exlir said it's a joke it's not like it really happend and i know it's a joke but we care about the trees

Nov 30th


joking about saving the trees is not funny

Nov 29th

Yo sorrey dude i don't get it at all

Nov 28th

im with rockyroad101 not funny savin da trees is not a joke

Nov 28th


Nov 26th

Really A True Series! Can I Plz Talk To The Creator???

Nov 23rd

Lol so funny... good work saving the trees *sarcasm*

Nov 22nd

he was being sarcastic!

Nov 21st

shes actually wasting from the stuff she bought lol!

Nov 21st

Totaly Irony

Nov 21st

Irony taste probaly

Nov 20th

nice and do you really help the trees

Nov 20th

I thought that was really smart! It does make you think! Great strip!

Nov 20th

i agree with Elxir

Nov 19th

WOW! I very much enjoyed you're comic but saving the planet is a big deal so I wish you wouldn't joke about it.

Nov 16th

Trees are the only thing in Not saving. Maybe I'll save paper by giving you all the money for that stuff to Mr. Garbage can.

Nov 16th


Nov 15th


Nov 13th

so f*cking ironic.....

Nov 13th

dont get it

Nov 13th

That mam is rele funny

Nov 11th

holy crap!.. well you should see my mother when she sees cheezy popcorn on sale..

Nov 11th

Sorry but i don't really get it

Nov 11th

pffftttttt!! gooooodd !! man/gal!!

Nov 10th

haha! greeaat job!

Nov 9th

The Irony...

Nov 9th

that man has a smirk on his face! like mine!

Nov 8th

teh he

Nov 8th

*snicker* Oh she's SAVING TREES ALL RIGHT!

Nov 8th

mmm ... delicious ... tastes like ... irony ....

Nov 6th

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